Review: Neon Trees – I Can Feel You Forgetting Me

Neon Trees - I Can Feel You

There was a time when we all really didn’t know if we would ever get another Neon Trees album. After the release of their excellent third studio album in 2014, Pop Psychology, the band took a lengthy hiatus. Front-man Tyler Glenn released a solo album in 2016 that detailed his internal struggle with religion and his sexuality called Excommunication. There were a few teasers of new music from the band in the form of one-off singles such as “Feel Good” and “Songs I Can’t Listen To,” but no further announcements of them working towards anything concrete. The song “Used To Like” made its appearance out of nowhere in the middle of November, and that sparked a newfound interest in the band after so much time away. As shitty as a year as 2020 has been, we give our thanks to Neon Trees for making a brilliant comeback album called I Can Feel You Forgetting Me. This album is a collection of songs detailing the heartbreak in Tyler Glenn’s personal life and possibly a dual meaning of making their longtime fans remember the band they fell in love with in the first place. The vibes set forth on this LP teeter on the verge of a nighttime summer album, and the songs lend themselves well to the lofty expectations placed upon themselves in the legacy of their discography.

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