Panic! at the Disco

Panic! at the Disco

Brendon Urie Talks With People Magazine

Brendon Urie talked to People Magazine:

When I told them I wasn’t going to college or on a Mormon mission, that I don’t believe in God and I was pursuing music, they were like, “You’ve gotta move out.” They cooled off, and when we made our first Panic! at the Disco album, I got a care package from my family with this beautiful letter: “No matter what, we will always love you.”

Brendon Urie Talks New Panic! Music

Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco talked with Entertainment Weekly:

When we have the two-a-days, I don’t leave. I stay there and work on music and tour ideas. I’ll watch a movie and write lyrics or whatever. It’s definitely bizarre. There’s no way I can’t let some of the Broadway production seep into it. That’s something that’s Panic! always done, we’ve always wanted to create that production show, just mimicking Cirque du Soleil and Broadway shows, so I think that’s going to continue and only get better now that I’ve had some hands-on experience with it. I can’t wait for a live show and an album. I think it’s just going to be a lot of fun.

Grosses Analysis: Brendon Urie Gives ‘Kinky Boots’ a Lift

Playbill is reporting that Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco has contributed to a nice uptick in sales for the Kinky Boots musical:

As expected, Kinky Boots’ capacity has increased above 90 percent, while its gross potential has hovered around there as well as Panic! fans catch the lead singer’s Broadway debut. The last time the musical had made over $1 million in a non-holiday week was Wayne Brady’s final set of performances as Lola in the week ending March 27, 2016.

Panic! at the Disco Top Tour Charts

Billboard reports that Panic! at the Disco has one of the highest grossing tours so far this year:

First-quarter box office counts from the tour, reported by promoter Live Nation, show that 247,447 tickets were sold at arenas in 25 American cities from the beginning of the trek through the end of March, with revenue from those concerts landing at $11.7 million.

The tour continued into April, though, with 11 more performances before the finale. Adding gross estimates from those concerts yet to be reported, the overall box office take was about $17 million when the tour closed. About 350,000 fans saw the Death of a Bachelor Tour during its run.

Brendon Urie to Record New Music After Broadway

Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco talked with Popbuzz about his plan to write some new music after his stint on Broadway:

So I’ve got probably ten more demos that I’ve just been hanging on to. Nothing full again, probably just minute and a half ideas. But exciting stuff, stuff that I didn’t expect to have written. So it’s really just bizarre, yeah I guess bizarre is probably the best way to describe it. It’s kind of out there.

Brendon Urie Talks About His 2017 Plans

Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco talked with Billboard about his 2017 plans:

Whether I’m writing a lyric or making a beat, every day I’m doing something. I never really stopped working, so I’m curious to do the sort of Frankenstein method now and see if I can pull all of these things to kind of jigsaw puzzle this [next] album. I’m just going to keep writing until that happens — it seems like it’s going really well right now. There’s a few ideas I’m really excited to keep working on.