Pass Away – “Oreo” (Song Premiere)

Pass Away

Today I’m thrilled to premiere the single for “Oreo” by Pass Away. This Brooklyn, New York band formed in 2013 in what began as a side project from members of I Am The Avalanche and Crime In Stereo, Pass Away has become a powerful songwriting force in the scene. The band shared this quote about the new single, “This song is named after Oreo, a black cat that I woke up with sleeping on the top of my head on a very early Lower East Side morning. I was in a strange place, laying next to a stranger who a few years later ended up being my wife. I didn’t think I was worth a shit or worthy of any kind of love or partnership at that point in my life. This song is about knowing when to pump the brakes, chill out on the self abuse and let the good stuff happen.” With great hooks and impressive songwriting, Pass Away are truly onto something great here. The track comes from their new album, Thirty Nine, and pre-orders are now up.

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