Review: PONY – Velveteen

On the band’s sophomore album, PONY deliver some great-sounding power pop on Velveteen. Named after the book The Velveteen Rabbit, that lead singer Sam Bielanski used the audiobook from to cope with a nine-month struggle with insomnia, Bielanski shared, “I became obsessed with it, but I always fell asleep before getting to the end. The way I interpreted the story was that it’s the love that we give and receive that makes us real or whole.” Through this unique connection to a childhood favorite, Bielanski and multi-instrumentlist/collaborator Matty Morand were able to pen approximately 200 songs that they narrowed down to ten crisp songs found on this record. If you’re into bands like Beach Bunny, Soccer Mommy, and Diet Cig, you’ll definitely find plenty to enjoy on PONY’s Velveteen.

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Review: PONY – “Peach”

The latest single from indie pop rocker PONY is a blast of fuzzy guitars and vibrant vocals, called “Peach.” Singer/guitarist, Sam, mentioned this about “Peach,” “I think Peach is probably the most vulnerable song I have ever written. After all, what’s more vulnerable than a Peach? Some years ago I found myself in a relationship with someone who initially treated me like I was so special. But little by little the love seemed more and more conditional. With every bit they tried to control what I wore, who I talked to, and what I did – I lost a part of myself. It took me years to realize I was completely gone and I mistook abuse and manipulation for love. ‘Peach’ is about realizing that someone who wants to have control over you is not someone who loves you.” Out of this vulnerability comes a great self-empowering anthem of overcoming the lowest of lows. With a sound that drifts somewhere between Bully, paired with the pop sensibilities of Olivia Rodrigo and Phoebe Bridgers, PONY is well on their way to becoming your next great musical discovery.

The song starts off with some soft vocals from Sam before breaking away into some grunge-pop power chords that speak to the conflict brought forth in the lyrics. At the surface, it feels like a nice, summery pop anthem that would be perfect for those long summer drives. The reality is PONY have created such rich conflict in the lyrics about losing a part of oneself along the way to discovering what makes us tick, that it’s really hard to distance yourself from these personal issues the artist is experiencing. Overall, PONY have created a worthy single that continues to keep the interest high in this incredibly talented artist.