Psychic Graveyard – “Bellow’s Funeral Home” (Song Premiere)

Psychic Graveyard

Today I’m so excited to bring everyone the latest single from Psychic Graveyard called “Bellow’s Funeral Home.” When speaking on the new track, band member Nathan Joyner says, “The idea for ‘Bellow’s Funeral Home’ came to fruition in the early morning hours as the pot smoke dissipated from the room. It was one of those times when we followed the music instead of trying to manufacture an expected bombastic sound. We ventured into the world of our favorite German musical heroes, a territory we admired from afar but had never entered. Though it was a frightening exploration, it felt familiar because we enjoyed stepping out of our comfort zones. The finished product is a new place that strangely feels like home. We love it here.” If you’re ready to discover your next favorite band, Psychic Graveyard are here for you. The single is taken from their forthcoming LP, Wilting, and pre-orders are on-going here. I was also able to catch up with the band for a brief interview below.

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