Review: PVRIS – Evergreen

Coming off of the rocket-fueled success of 2020’s bulletproof album, Use Me, PVRIS (the solo project of Lynn Gunn) returns with her latest effort, Evergreen. On her fourth studio album, Gunn again collaborated with co-producer JT Daly, as well as introduced some new blood, with Carrie Karpinen. Gunn described Evergreen as “a reclamation of control in our post-pandemic culture, posing a complex discussion on fame, technology, spectacle, and female autonomy,” and her laser-focused approach to her songwriting pays off in eleven songs dripping in purpose. The set has already spawned five singles, with the lead one being the dual-attack of “Animal / Anywhere But Here,” that was released last October. With the majority of the tracks clocking in under the three-minute mark, PVRIS delivers an accessible, albeit condensed version of her songwriting prowess. Having teased these songs that became Evergreen for so long, it must feel refreshing for this artist to finally unleash the full picture onto the world now.

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