Lynn Gunn Talks With Playboy

Lynn Gunn of PVRIS sat down with Playboy ahead of Coachella:

But Gunn is no superhuman: that confidence, to “hone her more masculine side”, hasn’t come easily or all at once. “It’s still being discovered,” she admits. And it’s that bravery to share her vulnerable journey that has earned her both a commanding presence in a flooded industry. While reminiscing about how she got to where she is today, Gunn looks back to her childhood as a girl dressed in boy’s clothes—before puberty happened: “[In] middle school and high school I felt pressured to dress more feminine.”

It’s Playboy, so it’s NSFW.

PVRIS Team Up With the Ally Coalition for Upcoming Tour

PVRIS have teamed up with The Ally Coalition for their upcoming US tour. You can apply to volunteer and get a free ticket to the show:

Volunteers will be responsible for arriving prior to the show and working to generate interest and actions for the cause before and during the opening acts, utilizing the Propeller Volunteer App on their mobile device for approximately 3.5 hours. Your commitment will end prior to PVRIS taking the stage, so you’re free to enjoy the show!

You will receive exact call time if you are selected, however the typical time for meeting up with our coordinator is between 5-6 pm. Please do not apply if you can’t make it on time!

Lynn Gunn Talks About Stress on the Road

PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn apologized on Twitter for not seeming like herself on some recent tour dates:

Sorry if I haven’t seemed myself at our shows this summer, in the midst of navigating some vocal kinks & have felt very uncomfortable. I try my best not to let outside stress get in the way during our shows, there’s a lot right now & it’s been carrying over too. I hate that I’m even feeling the need to apologize? Just hope you know you’re loved & appreciated at these shows for being such good energy BUT the good news is that MOST of the stress is just from trying to make this record as perfect as it can be while in the middle of tour. Pardon me, “release” I should say … record is done … the rest is planning/filming for remaining vids, headline tour plans/direction, etc.

Lynn Gvnn and Tegan Quin Interview Each Other

Lynn Gvnn of PVRIS and Tegan Quinn of Tegan and Sara interviewed each other for Nylon:

I think there were genuine fears and concerns that being “out” would hinder our success within our team or the label, but, for us, we saw no future in the mainstream, so once we were embraced by alternative music, we just pushed forward full steam ahead and accepted that we were going to be seen as a “lesbian band.” And we were okay with that. I think being women held us back much more often than being gay. We worked in alternative music for 10 years before we moved to pop. And that’s a man’s world. Us being gay may have helped us there rather than hurt us.

PVRIS Talk With Billboard

PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn spoke with Billboard about the band’s upcoming album:

I think one of the biggest things, though, is just I’m a complete perfectionist and control freak and you have to let go of control at some point or to some extent in this career and in this industry. It’s just like you need to let go and give up your power a little bit, and so the biggest thing from me was stress from that and then also just pressure to do well and pressure to, like, stay true and be a good person and perform well. You always have to have your game face on, so at some point, I just started suppressing every emotion and bottled it up and swept it under the carpet and never went back to it, and it just created this ongoing snowball of just feeling empty and numb and not really absorbing emotions or experiences for what they were — being in situations, but not being there. This record is just mostly about that and learning to let go and be vulnerable again — be in your emotions and actually feel them without suppressing them or avoiding them.