Sam Means Talks Copyright and Barbie

Sam Means

Sam Means wrote a blog post about owning a small business and copyright:

But this week we came across something totally crazy. My wife was walking down the toy aisle in Target and literally shrieked in shock at the site of our beloved 58 year old national treasure, Barbie®, wearing a pink Hello Apparel™ t-shirt. […]

I’m not usually a vocal person about stuff like this, but I’d like ask everyone out there to keep supporting the little guy. Help spread the word for the brands you love. It really does go a long way. A lot of people at Hello and countless other small businesses out there have put in some serious hard work to get where they are.

Interview: Sam Means (ex-The Format)

Sam Means

Late last week, I had a chance to sit down for an extensive phone conversation with the wonderful Sam Means. Back in January, Sam released his debut full-length solo record Ten Songs, a record I have connected with a lot during these long, hot summer days in the Northeast. We discuss that record pretty thoroughly before delving into a number of other topics, including why Dog Problems has remained relevant even ten years later and why he feels a The Format reunion is “inevitable,” even if it’s not imminent.

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