Review: Beautiful Machines – “Baum Baum”

The latest single from electronica band Beautiful Machines comes from their upcoming full-length record Singularity and is called “Baum Baum.” The word “baum” translates to tree and symbolizes finding new life/purpose in this crazy world we live in. The band mentioned, “During WWII, German military transmitted encoded messages with a device called an Enigma machine, which was said to have a code impossible to break. At the same time, the story of Babel explains the origins of the multiplicity of languages. Today, people live in these thought bubbles, finding digital tribes that support and reinforce whatever we think and believe, creating information silos. So, dialogue, in some sense, between people with differing opinions is becoming scarcer, which can ultimately lead to complete breakdown in communication, disinformation and programmed behavior – perhaps even war if we aren’t careful.” With a sound that strays somewhere between the heavy synths of NIN and the pop sensibilities of Tokio Hotel, Beautiful Machines could very well be your next favorite band in the electronica genre.

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Review: Tatum Gale – “New Look, Same Great Flavor”

The latest single from Tatum Gale, called “New Look, Same Great Flavor” is an open letter of criticism of the music industry, and is dripped with tongue-in-cheek lyrics over oozing synths and eclectic beats. The song laments on the way that the music scene is always clamoring over the “next big thing,” while ignoring some of the artists that truly break down barriers with their sound. The track is the opener from Gale’s upcoming full-length record, the independently released Pretty Green, and offers a perplexing narrative of how the music industry can keep churning out the same product. Gale mentioned about the song, “This is as hyper-pop as the album gets. It’s a super bright, punchy, distorted dance time. It is a collage of some of the gaudy, empty images we’ve seen going out on the town in the pre- and post-pandemic era.” The new single would be a good fit for fans of Toro y Moi and The Avalanches.

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Review: My Chemical Romance – “The Foundations of Decay”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know by now that My Chemical Romance have returned with their first new taste of music in over eight years with “The Foundations of Decay.” The bombastic new track from MCR features several bread crumbs to where the band originated from, while still moving the needle forward in their musical evolution. The six-minute song is filled with anthemic moments courtesy of the four core band members, Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Frank Iero, and Mikey Way, while each band member hits their intended target on this aggressive-sounding single. My Chemical Romance made their triumphant return to the stage yesterday in the U.K. and their set kicked off with this song to establish the tone for their legendary material that followed.

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Review: Dear Spring – “Every Now and Then”

The latest taste of new music from the DC-based pop-punk band Dear Spring is called ”Every Now and Then,” and is filled with great harmonies, back and forth vocals, and a beating heart of purpose in every lyric. The song was produced by Nik Bruzzese, mixed by Ben Green, and mastered by Paul Leavitt. Dear Spring would be perfect for fans of Four Year Strong, Taking Back Sunday, and Hit the Lights, since this band is very much entrenched in that crisp pop-punk sound that many of us have grown to love over the years.

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Review: Proxy – “Don’t Let Me Die In New Jersey”

The latest single from punk rockers, Proxy, is a great blast of crunchy guitar-driven punk rock in the same vein as Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals and the heavier elements of New Found Glory. Proxy is the solo moniker of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Ryan Stolinski, and he’s onto something pretty cool on “Don’t Let Me Die In New Jersey,” a song taken from his self-titled EP. Stolinski shared this about the new single, “‘Don’t Let Me Die In New Jersey’ is about the longing feeling of wanting to grow past where you have been your entire life. Feeling bored of the old and needing new experiences. I wrote it from the perspective of someone who wants to die somewhere more beautiful and pleasant looking than a place they are no longer bound to. It’s the age old pop punk theme of hating your hometown with a morbid spin.” The next punk rock song to add to your playlist as you skateboard around town has arrived.

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Interview: Cal Stamp – “Hey Amy”

Cal Stamp

Your next music obsession has arrived, thanks to Cal Stamp. The singer/songwriter has been around the music scene for quite awhile with his previous projects called Spirit Animal and most recently, Record Heat. The latest version of Cal’s unique brand of breezy, 80’s guitar-driven pop rock might just be his best work yet. The song, called “Hey Amy,” builds casually over an 1975-esque type of guitar-toned rock and Cal Stamp’s vocals are smooth as silk as he makes a song worthy of any playlist. What Stamp does best on this song is making the listener feel connected to his vocals, while the guitars bring the track into the upper echelon of pop bliss. The song comes from the first of a trilogy of EPs, starting with Nylon, that hits the streets on May 6th.

I also caught up with Cal Stamp to discuss the new EPs as well as provide an in-depth peek at what went into this great new single.

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Review: Sarah and the Safe Word – “Solstice”

You have to love a band that maps out their content just perfectly. On the first day of the winter solstice, Sarah and the Safe Word have returned once again with an expansive and heavy single called “Solstice.” From the opening lines of, “A little crow, he came to me / And asked what to do with the snow / We tried and tried to sweep it clean, but the cold / It continued to blow,” the band immediately transports the listener to the world created by them, and it matches the cover art nicely. It also ends up being one of the longer songs in Sarah and the Safe Word’s discography, and yet it makes for a thrilling listen for every single beat.

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Review: Tempoh Slow – “Villains In Love”

I’d like to introduce you to a great pop, rock and rap-based band out of L.A. called Tempoh Slow. The band, who reminds me the emo-tinged rap/rock of Twenty One Pilots and the atmospheric feel of The Neighbourhood, are onto some great things on “Villains In Love.” The performance-based music video features vocals from LUNA AURA, and the band rallies around the catchy chorus to make for a memorable single.

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Review: PHNTMS – “Paper Flowers”

PHNTMS - "Paper Flowers"

I’m thrilled to introduce everyone to PHNTMS, a great female-fronted pop-rock band from Philadelphia, PA that seems poised for breakout success. Their latest single, “Paper Flowers,” is a bombastic blast of alternative rock with a pop polish that is ready for radio dominance. The band has opened for huge bands like Kings of Leon, The 1975, and Bastille, and it’s clearly evident of why these bands would chose PHNTMS to get their crowds ready for a great night. Their yet to be announced EP should only further solidify the direction the band is going for on this great-sounding song.

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Review: Out of Service – Shelter

The last time I sat down to write about one of my favorite and newest emo bands called Out of Service, I fell head over heels with being enamored by their debut Burden. Fast forward to 2021, and I am given a massive clue of new music on the horizon when I tagged the band in a post about new and exciting emo bands that pack plenty of musicianship, and none of that nasty controversy. Once I had this single for “Shelter” fall into my lap, I must’ve played the track at least three of four times to appreciate its slow-building beauty and great song structure. Now that the single has been released into the world as of yesterday, I can only imagine how everyone will be receiving the news of this band’s triumphant return. Out of Service are back, and sound as focused and as poised as they’ve ever been.

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Review: Pretty Awkward – Hang Out

This Seattle, Washington band called Pretty Awkward is on to some great new things, with their electric new single, “Hang Out.” The four piece-band consists of vocalist Austin Held, bassist/backing vocalist Nichola Wiggins, guitarist/backing vocalist Jake Jones, and drummer Damien Ward, and their unique band chemistry is contagious on this bouncy new track. The band is able to channel a lot of the vibes that are popular from other pop-rock bands like Twenty One Pilots, Foster the People, and Walk the Moon, into their own package.

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Review: A Story Told – I Don’t Mind (To Get A Little Hurt Sometimes)

The latest single from the Charleston, West Virginia pop rock band A Story Told is taken from their upcoming album, American Made (out everywhere on July 16th), and has a great bounce to it in the same vein of bands like Twenty One Pilots, Smallpools, and the electronica-tinged brilliance of AWOLNATION. “I Don’t Mind (To Get A Little Hurt Sometimes)” is a great re-introduction to a band who are trying new and interesting elements in their sound to keep themselves on the cutting edge. The band is comprised of vocalist Alex Chaney, guitarists Josh Allen and Jason Lieser, bassist Zach Holley, drummer Casey Hardman, and their new sound feels ready to explode into the mainstream sooner rather than later.

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Review: Ethan Gold – Alexandria and Me / In New York

Ethan Gold - Alexandria and Me / In New York

The latest single from singer/songwriter and composer Ethan Gold explores the unique vibes that two cities brought out in him. The Los Angeles-based musician made his solo debut in 2011 with Songs from a Toxic Apartment, and Gold has also brought his unique approach to songwriting in film scores such as 2019’s Don’t Let Go. Gold’s next solo album is entitled Earth City 1: The Longing and will be released everywhere music is sold on May 14th of this year. The stark contrast between the two singles only speaks to the ability of Gold to convey a wide range of emotions in his music.

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Review: David Cook – Reds Turn Blue

David Cook - Red Turns Blue

The former American Idol Season 7 winner, David Cook, is back with a great new single and video for “Reds Turn Blue.” In this track, Cook dives head first into the manic highs and lows of anxiety, and lyrical material solidifies his path to dealing with his anxiety in therapeutic modes such as songwriting. In a recent interview with People, he mentioned that, “This song became a therapeutic process for me, as a way to personify my anxiety and make it something other than me — which in an odd way has helped me navigate my relationship with it.” David Cook is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on his yet to be named next full-length record.

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Review: Cowboy Diplomacy – The Get Down

Cowboy Diplomacy - The Get Down

On the lead single from Cowboy Diplomacy, “The Get Down” rocks with the urgency of roots-rock bands such as The Revivalists and Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, with mostly favorable results. The song itself is built around the guitar licks of lead guitarist Billy Boswell and lead vocalist/guitarist Ian Cochran, and some foot-stomping percussion from drummer Matt Whilden. After the introductory lyrics kick in, a blast of horns and good vibes fill out the single introducing Cowboy Diplomacy to the world.

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