Zaq Baker

Zaq Baker - "Treadmill"

The latest single from pop singer Zaq Baker, called “Treadmill,” is a stripped down pop song that features the artist Corzine and is a piano-laced ballad in the style of artists like Ben Folds, Billie Eilish, and Clairo. Baker’s harmonies with Corzine are well-constructed and shimmer off the speakers with ease. Zaq Baker shared, “In just one madcap year, my catalogue has enjoyed many wardrobe changes — piano rock, pop-punk, synthpop, musical theatre, a piano-and-strings album, even a McCartney send-up — made possible by dozens of incredible collaborators. “Treadmill” reflects the fact that now it’s time for something new. Hayley [Corzine] makes all the words sparkle.’” The single brings in some other instruments, like the cello and some programmed drums, to provide a landscape for the introspective lyrics. While a treadmill may not take us anywhere, Zaq Baker is well on his way to making his mark in the crowded music scene.