Patrick Stump Discusses “Merry Spidey Christmas”

Patrick Stump

Patrick Stump talked with Consequence about “Merry Christmas Spidey” from the Marvel show.

Honestly I just had fun with it. And being even more honest, I had had the “Christmas Christmas Christmas” melody kicking around my brain for years without a place to use it, so somehow when I saw the phrase “Merry Spidey Christmas,” the rest of the song sort of wrote itself.

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Spider-Man Staying in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Spider-Man will be staying in the MCU:

On Friday, the two companies jointly announced that Marvel Studios and its president, Kevin Feige, will produce the third film in the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” series. It will once again feature Tom Holland reprising his role as the titular hero. The rumor mill roared back to life this week with hints that the two companies were close to brokering a new agreement. […]

In exchange for lending Feige’s producing prowess, Marvel and Disney will receive roughly 25% of the profits, according to insiders. Disney will retain its merchandising rights and will put up roughly a quarter of the financing. As part of the arrangement, Spider-Man will also appear in one future Marvel Studios film.

The Story Behind ‘Spider-Verse’ Using “Sunflower”

The writers of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse share with Vulture the steps that went into using “Sunflower” in the movie:

It was critical that the song gag landed. We had a feeling it was because people knew the song, and they knew how he was messing it up. We were in big trouble when we couldn’t use it anymore — we needed to replace one of the greatest songs of the year, and we had to do it in time to spend the three months we would need to animate that shot. It turns out “Sunflower” is a massive hit song. We heard it as part of a batch of songs that Republic Records presented to us.

We also liked the metaphor this presents: Miles is singing a song that theoretically he’s a little too young for and he doesn’t know the words yet. That’s the metaphor we’re going to be working with for most of the rest of the movie. He’s going to be asked to step into shoes that he feels he’s not ready for, he’s not going to know the words, and he’s going to feel very self-conscious and nervous about that.

I love reading about the process behind decisions like this.

Daniel Pemberton Talks About “Scratching the Orchestra”


I found this tweet thread from Daniel Pemberton, the composer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, about how they put together some of the music for the film, utterly fascinating:

So – here is how we ‘scratched the orchestra’ for #Spiderverse. We’d go record and mix all the live players – then get it transferred to ‘vinyl’ – then spend ages putting the notes back in the mix bar by bar […]

This scene here (nicknamed ‘bongo train tug’) we worked on for ages, trying to get every scratch and musical move to mirror the action and movement in the animation and on screen.. No one had really done anything like this before so we were working out how to do it as we went.