Interview: The Rocket Summer

The Rocket Summer

Recently I was able to schedule a Zoom call with Bryce Avary of ;[ to discuss his new album, Shadowkasters, that will release this Friday, May 12th. In this interview, I asked Bryce about the legacy of The Rocket Summer, how he typically composes most of his music, as well as the unique merchandise items for this album cycle. You can pre-order the vinyl/cassette options for Shadowkasters here.

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8 Things You Need to Set Up Your Home Recording Studio

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone:

For Bryce Avary, lead singer of The Rocket Summer, having a home studio is all about flexibility, and having the freedom to create on your own schedule. “I’m constantly writing and making music and I like to see where the music leads me as it’s happening, follow it, and then capture it right in the moment,” he says, citing his last album, “Zoetic,” which he recorded in a tiny room of a house at the bottom of Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles.