Chase Tremaine – Accidental Days (Deluxe Edition) Track-by-Track

Chase Tremaine

This past week, I was able to chat with Chase Tremaine to discuss his deluxe reissue of Accidental Days. The deluxe edition of the album has been re-released today on Bandcamp, and it features ten new bonus tracks, plus commentary on the ten main album songs. I continue to be impressed by Chase’s extensive work ethic, and I hope this track-by-track sheds some light on his creative process.

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Mara Bloom – “They Who Invite” (Track-by-Track)

Mara Bloom

Today I’m excited to share with everyone the news that Hawaii post-hardcore band, Mara Bloom, have returned with their debut LP called They Who Invite. Along with a deeply evolved conceptual storytelling style, the new record also transcends the sonic bounds of the genre. Increasingly progressive elements are introduced with unusual song structures and winding referential lyrics. Influences of Japanese city pop and progressive metal riffs are abundant and tangible, creating an attention grabbing brand of modern hardcore. And while frenetic, the young quintet have crafted an astute songwriting, that glazes the top of a gripping rookie collection. The band breaks down the full album in an exclusive track-by-track below.

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Honeytalks – “There’s Hope in the Hopeless” (Track-by-Track)


Today I’m so excited to share with everyone an exclusive track-by-track feature by Welsh pop-punk band,Honeytalks, regarding their new EP titled There’s Hope in the Hopeless. Despite less than two years in existence, Welsh wunderkinds Honeytalks have already landed acclaim from BBC Introducing, as well as Kerrang Radio (finishing 2nd in the Marshall Records competition) and Bowling for Soup front-man Jaret Reddick. Upcoming sophomore EP, There’s Hope in Hopeless marries the best of the Drive-Thru Records era with a punchy and contemporary pop-punk grit. The record embodies struggle, positivity and triumph for those who feel marginalized and misunderstood. Mental health is at the thematic core of the new collection, but the overarching message is one of strength and hope, inspired by Honeytalks’ uplifting brand of melodic punk. This track-by-track was put together by Adam Scott, the lead vocalist and guitarist of Honeytalks, and the EP is available on all streaming services starting today.

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Come Clean – “134” Track-By-Track

Come Clean

Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone an exclusive track-by-track by North Carolina pop-punk band, Come Clean, for their latest record called 134. Come Clean is Rob Hendley (Guitar/Vocals) Zac Gardner (Bass/Vocals) Owen Smith (Guitar) and Dallas Hunt (Drums). With songs grounded in everyday struggles such as love, loss and mental health, the Greensboro outfit bring their debut LP to life with a high-octane medley of punchy guitars and soaring vocals. Incorporating splashes of post-hardcore influence, former Standby Records crew Come Clean marry upbeat and pacey with contemplative subject matter, taking the listener on a thought-provoking and unwavering fun journey as they go. You can stream 134 here.

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