Fake News – “Time & Place” (Track-by-Track)

Fake News

Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone an exclusive Track-by-Track by Queensland pop-punk band, Fake News, for their new EP Time & Place. With a fist-pumping blend of catchy hooks, punchy lyricism and exhilarating riffs, Fake News have honed an unabashed and expressive brand of modern punk rock. The Queensland outfit have cut their teeth supporting some of punk’s most iconic names, from Pennywise to Lagwagon, and debut LP Everyday Warrior garnered them a wave of support across Australia and beyond with its fresh but nostalgic delivery. Last month, the band dropped lead single “Moving On,” and have picked up international tastemaker press support from the likes of Idobi Radio and New Noise Magazine as they build towards Time & Place. You can also check out a stream of the record below.

Track by Track

  1. ”Moving On” is about how we have certain struggles in life and find ourselves overthinking and stressing about them. The lyrics come from a positive point of view basically saying after all I’ve been through, I’m not going to let life beat me and I’m moving on. Everyone has their own burdens in life so we hope that this song can inspire people to get through it and move on.”
  2. “No Weakness” is a full powerhouse song dedicated to individuals feeling beaten and broken. Everyone has their own Demons, and we hope this song can help motivate people to fight through it and come out the other side better & stronger.
  3. “Radio” is a song that we think a lot of people can relate to. It’s about jumping in the car and going for a long drive to clear your head while listening to the songs on the radio and singing your heart out.
  4. ”Not Giving Up” is about how much we go through, and a reminder to keep fighting. It reflects on this band and how hard we have fought to keep it alive. The more we succeed the more people try to bring us down. Our latest single is about standing your ground and not giving up, no matter what the world throws at you!”
  5. Barry Mcguire’s “Eve Of Destruction” was an idea for a cover song that came up a while ago. Strangely enough both Tim & Darren had long ago talked about this song with their dads as being good to do as a punk cover. We thought it was a great idea for a cover because even though it is from the 70’s it still has so much lyrical relevance today. It also ties in well with the name of the EP Time & Place reflecting on past & present & even the future.