Tyler Glenn (Neon Trees) – “Trash”

Tyler Glenn

Tyler Glenn, the lead singer of Neon Trees, has released his new song “Trash” on Apple Music, YouTube, and a video on Rolling Stone. The song comes from Tyler’s upcoming solo album, due out this fall on Island Records. The full press release can be found below.

“My entire life and perspective on God, the afterlife, morals and values, my self-worth, my born sexual orientation…all of it had been wired within the framework of this religion that doesn’t have a place for me,” says Tyler Glenn. “They claim it’s the only truth, the Lord’s church, but there have been 40+ suicides within the church as a result of that – men, women and children. I needed to make this statement to artfully show the pain of a faith crisis and the darkness of doubt. But also that there are ways to reclaim what is yours – I’m beginning to reclaim what is mine now with this song, with this video and with this record.”

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