Hunter and Wolfe – “Famous Friends” (Video Premiere)

Hunter and Wolfe

Today is a great day to share the latest single and music video from indie rock duo, Hunter & Wolfe, called “Famous Friends.” The song comes from their forthcoming LP I Deserve This, out everywhere music is sold this Summer, and showcases their vibrant contributions to the indie rock genre. The band shared, “‘Famous Friends’ is about mixed emotions, that awkward middle ground between happiness for, and envy of, the successes of others. We fight the urge to measure ourselves against others – especially when our social media are flooded with their accomplishments and good times. Ultimately, ‘Famous Friends’ is about coming to terms with those mixed emotions and arriving at self-acceptance.” I was also able to catch up with the band for a brief interview below.

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Chloe Jane – “No Patience (No Tengo Paciencia)” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m so excited to introduce everyone to Chloe Jane, a pop singer/songwriter who has all the makings of a star. On her latest single and music video for “No Patience (No Tengo Paciencia),” Chloe Jane takes the best of a bad situation in a relationship, and pens a majestic pop single. Chloe shared, “‘No Patience (No Tengo Paciencia)’ is about losing patience with someone in a relationship. I gave someone so much of my time and energy and all I got in return was gaslighting and them lying to me. Eventually, I came to my senses and said ‘I gotta go, I don’t have patience for you this time.'” I was also able to cath up with this talented artist for a brief interview below.

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Zoon – “Dodem” (Video Premiere)


Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest single and music video from Zoon, called “Dodem.” On this great-sounding track, Zoon channels their love for lush string arrangements paired with breathtaking pop sensibilities in a crowd-pleasing song. While speaking on the latest single, Zoon shared:

In Ojibway, ‘dodem’ means the clan you’re from. I’m from the Ma’iingan clan, wolf clan. I wanted to honour that word because I learnt a lot about where I come from. I wrote ‘dodem’ while living on the reservation with my father. He had taken me in during one of my worst relapses and I felt very vulnerable but used my time there to write. I remember clearly my uncle saying ‘that’s a hit!,’ I remember thinking maybe a rez hit.

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LOVEBREAKERS – “Attracted To Your Fashion”


Today I’m excited to share with everyone the new single and music video from LOVEBREAKERS, that comes from their forthcoming album Wonder, called “Attracted To Your Fashion.” The band recently toured Europe with punk veterans Social Distortion and appear poised for their musical moment. The band shared:

”‘Attracted To Your Fashion” is about the first time I met my girlfriend. We were chatting online, and I was instantly hooked by the way she dressed. She wore vintage clothes with no labels and did her hair and makeup like she was from LA. I remember being obsessed with her fashion sense before we got to know each other on a personal level. I wrote the song with her in mind, and I added in aspects like the pin badges and all the other girls being jealous. I wanted the song to be a celebration of being attracted to somebody before you meet them. It has a sense of excitement and anticipation, which was how I felt the first time I saw her. After we got chatting, we instantly had chemistry. We are now 9 years into our relationship, and I’m still attracted to her dress sense and many other things!

If you’re enjoying the new single, please consider purchasing their music here.

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American Thrills – “Follow You Down” (Video Premiere)

American Thrills

Today is a great day to share a Gin Blossoms cover of “Follow You Down” by Connecticut band, American Thrills. On this 8-bit stylized video, American Thrills offer a unique take on a 90’s Alt-Rock classic. The band shared, “Growing up in the 90’s the Gin Blossoms got heavy rotation on my boom-box. The records they put out during that time are timeless and still have an incredible influence on the music we are making today. We also had trouble finding the right DJ to finish off our Limp Bizkit cover, so we had to roll with the Blossoms banger.” American Thrills’ debut LP still has a few vinyl copies available left here.

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Ben Copperhead – “Franny and the Songbirds” (Video Premiere)

Ben Copperhead

Today is a great day to share the latest single and music video from indie-folk songwriter Ben Copperhead. On this eclectic new song called “Franny & The Songbirds,” Copperhead channels his love of other indie-folk artists like Father John Misty, Leonard Cohen, and Surfjan Stevens into his own unique psychedelic package. The song comes from Copperhead’s new LP, Wailing Viridescence, out everywhere music is sold on April 28th. I was also able to catch up with this talented artist for a brief interview below.

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Animal Sun – “Horror Show” (Video Premiere)

Animal Sun

Today is a great day to share the latest single and music video from Animal Sun called “Horror Show.” On this song that fits somewhere between the stylings of the early Killers paired with Payale Royale, Animal Sun make their mark on the Alternative Rock scene. Lead vocalist Steven Blake shared:

”Horror Show: describes the inner workings of our darkest thoughts that grow so deep they almost become like a toxic romantic partner. This ‘entity’ whispers perversions devisiously in our ears, warping reality and everything we once knew into nothing more than a living hell, a ‘Horror Show’ if you may. We deem it more appropriate to laugh through it all. There’s no fighting it anyway.

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TELECOM – “Ramon” (Video Premiere)


Today I’m thrilled to introduce everyone to TELECOM, the solo project of Brooklyn-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sean McVerry. On his electric new single called “Ramon,” TELECOM wears his Brit-pop influences proudly on his sleeve in a song ready for your next playlist. I was also able to catch up with McVerry for a brief interview about this new single below.

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Iguana Death Cult – “Pushermen” (Video Premiere)

Iguana Death Cult

Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone the new single and music video from rock band, Iguana Death Cult, called “Pushermen.” With a sound that strays somewhere between the indie rock of The Strokes and the craftsmanship of pub rock bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen, this band checks all the right boxes. On their video, the band shared, “‘Pushermen.’ It kind of sounds like an action movie doesn’t it? Sadly we came a couple of million short, so Hache came with the idea to do a casting video for a fictional film called: ‘Pushermen.’ The scenes we did were loosely based on the movie ‘Superfly.’ If you know, you know.” The track comes from their new LP, Echo Palace, out everywhere music is sold on May 12th, and I was also able to catch up with Iguana Death Cult for a brief interview below.

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VOLK – “I Fed Animals” (Video Premiere)


Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone the premiere of the latest single and music video from VOLK, called “I Fed Animals.” VOLK is Nashville indie-rock duo Eleot Reich (drums, vocals) and Christopher Lowe (guitar, vocals). For those unfamiliar with the artist, VOLK fits somewhere within the same style of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The White Stripes. The song comes from VOLK’s new EP Stand The Test, out everywhere music is sold on April 28th. Reich shared this about the single, “I originally wrote ‘I Fed Animals’ in the makeshift living room of a traditional East Berlin apartment, coal heater and all. It was located in a ‘hinterhof’ so damaged by water, the only tenants were me and my raging alcoholic neighbor who loved to blast techno at four in the morning. I was an inspired twenty-four year old falling in love with the blues as my gateway to songwriting, celebrating my own independence and sexual freedom.” The director of the video, Patrick Pierson, also shared, “’I Fed Animals’ is a mix of every beloved genre that you accidentally rented and loved at a video store. It’s punk, it’s country, it’s cyberpunk, Kung-Fu and anime. It’s a Willy Wonka concoction that can’t be defined, yet it doesn’t want to be anything else. Just like the band, VOLK.” Welcome to the world of VOLK.

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Poe The Passenger – “Hologram” (Video Premiere)

Poe The Passenger

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the new single and music video from indie rock band Poe The Passenger, called “Hologram.” On this thrilling track that sways somewhere between the stylings of Linkin Park, From Ashes to New, and Panic! At the Disco, Poe The Passenger arrive on the Alt Rock scene with passion and purpose. Lead vocalist Jeff Pridgen shared, “Hologram is about a person suffering from imposter syndrome and bogged down by failure in the modern age.”

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MuMu – “Honeymoon Love” (Video Premiere)


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, MuMu have returned with a new music video for “Honeymoon Love.” On this love-filled track, MuMu have crafted a song that is sure to leave a smile on your face. The video features a collaboration with Zeno Mountain Farm and MuMu shared this about the music video, I hope this video reminds us that diversifying our friend groups doesn’t have to happen in designated spaces like Zeno. We can reach out to our neighbors, strike up a conversation on the bus, or share a dance with someone who walks/talks/thinks differently than you. We shot this video in two hours, with zero dollars and infinite love. I was also able to catch up with this artist for a brief interview below.

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Stuffy Shmitt – “Billy Kilowatt” (Video Premiere)


Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone the new music video from Stuffy Shmitt, called “Billy Kilowatt.” On this superhero-themed video, Shmitt channels electric punk rock energy in a bite-sized song that is sure to leave the right taste in your mouth. The single comes from his forthcoming LP, Cherry, which hits streaming services on February 24th. Shmitt shared:

I have these strange electrical charges in my left frontal lobe that actually physically shock me. Used to be I’d twitch like I was having an epileptic seizure, and everyone would applaud wildly. This went on for a while, to the point where I had a neurologist check me out, MRIs and all that. Afterward he was looking over my tests with me, trying to make sense of them, and he looked me up and down over the glasses on his nose and said, ‘Son, I’m afraid you’re cattywampus.’ I’d never heard that one before, but it sounded about right to me. Anyway, once I accepted my true heritage as the bastard son of Reddy Kilowatt, my condition improved significantly.

If you’re ready to have a great time, Stuffy Shmitt is here to help.

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WAIVER – “Right Here” (Video Premiere)


Today is a great day to share the latest music video from emo/punk band, Waiver, called “Right Here.” The song does its best to recapture that Warped Tour spirit, and is sure to make you reminisce about the best days of the punk scene. The band shared, “’Right Here’ is a song about being alive in the present moment, being content with being exactly where you are, right here, right now. ‘Right Here’ is a song that gives light to the spiritual reality of our lives. Lyrically, ‘Right Here’ is a reflection from the journey of awakening to a new reality, a reality that gives light to a higher part of yourself and this world, a reality that gives you a lighter and more content perspective to deal with the issues in our life.” The single comes from their forthcoming EP, Eyes Wide Open, that releases on March 24th. If you’re ready to discover your next favorite band, you’ve come to the right place.

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