Art d’Ecco – “Midlife Crisis” (Video Premiere)

Art d'Ecco

Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone the brand new music video from glam rocker Art d’Ecco called “Midlife Crisis.” The track comes from his upcoming new LP entitled After The Head Rush, and the song relives the glory days of glam rock from the 70’s from transcendent artists like David Bowie. Armed with a plethora of great hooks balanced with a pulsating bass line throughout the song, “Midlife Crisis” finds Art exploring the complexities of growing up and still finding time to dance away the worries. Art shared this about the direction found on After The Head Rush, “I wanted to produce a big, bright, sparkly album. Along the lines of something you hear in a Tears For Fears or Peter Gabriel record, or something Bob Clearmountain would have mixed in the ’80s.” By paying homage to the great artists of the past, while still presenting something new for audiences to gush over, Art d’Ecco remains one of the more interesting artists to watch as this year unfolds.

If you’re enjoying the latest single, please consider pre-ordering After The Head Rush here.

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Nautical Mile – “Follow Me” (Video Premiere)

Nautical Mile

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone a really cool music video for a cover of an Uncle Kracker classic, “Follow Me,” presented in the style of alternative rock/punk band Nautical Mile. The band, who hails from Perth, Australia, have toured with scene heavyweights like Senses Fail, Hawthorne Heights and Hands Like Houses and also released an EP of their own tunes recently called Embers. I was able to catch up with Nautical Mile to discuss their cover song, as well as what they’ve been up to musically, and if you’re enjoying the new single, you can purchase it at your favorite streaming service.

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Near Beer – “Yelling At A Dog” (Video Premiere)

Near Beer

Today I’m really excited to bring everyone a new song by LA-based indie rock band, Near Beer, for their electric new single called “Yelling At A Dog.” The band is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Joey Siara, drummer Brent Stanathan, and bassist Jeremy Levy, and their dedication to their musical craft pays off widely on songs like this. Merged somewhere between the songwriting groove of Tom Petty, the modern flair of Brian Fallon, and the punk rock spirit of The Descendents, Near Beer could very well be your next music obsession. I had the chance to catch up with the band, and if you’re enjoying the new track, please consider purchasing it here.

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Suitable Miss – “Forever” (Video Premiere)

Suitable Miss

Today I’m beyond thrilled to bring everyone the latest music video from Suitable Miss called “Forever.” The song features guest vocals from Magnolia Park’s Joshua Roberts, and comes from the band’s upcoming album, In Color, out everywhere on May 20th. This band really transcends genres, and there really is a little bit of everything in the mix for fans of all styles of upbeat music. In addition to premiering the video, I was also able to catch up with Suitable Miss to discuss everything that went into this song and the rest of the material found on their new album.

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Yotam Ben Horin – “In Between The Highs and Lows” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m beyond excited to share the latest music video from Yotam Ben Horin called “In Between The Highs and Lows,” that comes from his upcoming solo album Young Forever. The record will be released on on May 20th via Double Helix Records. If you’re enjoying the new single, please consider pre-ordering Young Forever here. Also,I had the chance to catch up with Horin before the release of this single, and we discussed the direction of the new material.

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Nicotine Dolls – “Till We Both Say” (Video Premiere)

Nicotine Dolls

Today I’m excited to share the latest music video from New York City’s own Nicotine Dolls, for their heartfelt single “Till We Both Say.” The band is comprised of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sam Cieri, lead guitarist John Hays, bassist John Merritt, and drummer Abel Tabares, and the band’s strong chemistry is showcased on songs like this one. With a sound that sways somewhere between the working-man approach of The Gaslight Anthem and the pop sheen of The Maine, Nicotine Dolls are onto something great here.

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One Armed Joey – “Numbstruck” (Video Premiere)

One Armed Joey

Today I’m excited to bring you the latest taste of new music from the Bay Area’s own punk rock band, One Armed Joey. The new single is called “Numbstruck,” and is taken from their upcoming new album called Happiness, To Me out on May 27th via Sell The Heart Records. One Armed Joey is perfect for fans of melodic punk rock bands like MxPx, Goldfinger, and The Ataris. The band shared this about the new track:

”Numbstruck” is about the anxiety brought on by watching the world and everything around you continuously change, but getting to the point where you’re numb to it all and would rather feel something rather than nothing. I feel like whenever I’m overwhelmed, I look back on simpler times and wish for that naivety, but then realize how selfish that can be. Dealing with significant life changes is a challenge, but accepting and embracing those life changes is even harder.

There couldn’t be a better time to discover another great punk band to add to your collection. If you’re enjoying what you hear, please consider pre-ordering Happiness, To Me here.

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Morningsiders – “Waterfall” (Video Premiere)


Today I’m excited to share the next premiere from the indie folk-pop band, Morningsiders, for their great new single “Waterfall.” The band is comprised of Magnus Ferguson (vocals/guitar), Reid Jenkins (fiddle/vocals), and Robert Frech (piano), and their eclectic brand of indie rock has garnered worldwide attention. The band shared this about the new single:

We developed ‘Waterfall’ out of an earlier song that we wrote and played a bit in college, but that never fully clicked. The melody has been stuck in our heads all these years, and every now and then we’d try to re-imagine words for it. A few phrases kept coming up like ‘easy does it,’ and it slowly started to take on a reassuring, if slightly sad mood. I started thinking about conversations I’ve had with my younger sister trying to help her navigate her early 20’s, and also about what I wish I could have told myself when I was that age. It ended up being a song about that oceanic feeling of being a small part of a big world. That zoomed-out vantage point can feel melancholy, but almost in a satisfying way, like a good cry.

If you’re in the mood for a song that makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself, look no further than Morningsiders’ “Waterfall.”

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Alexx Bean – “Castles” (Video Premiere)

Alexx Bean

Today I’m thrilled to share the exclusive premiere of Alexx Bean and his new single for “Castles.” The track was inspired by pop-punk legends like Green Day and Blink-182, with the modern flair of other up and coming pop artists like WILLOW and Miley Cyrus. The single was produced, mixed and mastered by Alexx, with a co-writing credit from Jesse Fink. If you’re looking for a pop-punk artist that pays direct homage to past legends paired with more modern elements, look no further.

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Weatherstate – “Headstone” (Video Premiere)


Today I’m beyond thrilled to share the latest music video for a UK-based punk band called Weatherstate for their song “Headstone.” The song comes from their upcoming Rude Records set called Never Better, out everywhere on February 11th. The band shared this about the new single:

Probably the second softest song on the record, and not being as morbid as the name might suggest, ‘Headstone’ is about trying to make something out of ourselves in the time we have here. It’s okay to go through periods of life unhappy and that’s what makes the good bits all the better. ‘Catch me I don’t want to come down’ specifically relates to friends being around when you need a safety net, and how important it is to have the support network that can get you through those monotonous times. We’re only around here for so long, and that’s the way it is, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up too much, and it’s completely okay to sometimes just roll with the punches.

I also had a chance to catch up with lead vocalist, Harry Hoskins, before the release of Never Better. If you’re enjoying the singles that have hit the streets thus far, consider pre-ordering the record here.

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Summer Years – “Small World” (Video Premiere)

Summer Years

Today I’m thrilled to share the exclusive premiere of the new single by San Diego, California’s pop-punk band Summer Years, called “Small World.” The latest single comes from their brand new EP, You Can’t Live There Forever, which was released today via Enci Records. Band member Noah Rabe shared this quote about the first ballad they have written in their discography:

Small World is the first ballad from Summer Years. Nick wrote the lyrics about his home town and the desire to keep the things you love sacred and the same, but knowing that things always change is the best way to value what you have. If it doesn’t last forever, when ‘it’ is happening, that’s the time to enjoy it. As for the video we got to enjoy a couple hot August summer days near Joshua Tree filming. We loved the cast and crew we worked with. Everyone was motivated to put together something special, and I think we did just that.

If you’re enjoying the single as much as I am, you can purchase the recently released EP here.

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Broken Field Runner – “Save You” (Video Premiere)

Broken Field Runner

Today I’m thrilled to share the latest single from Los Angeles’ own Broken Field Runner, for “Save You.” In this great sounding track, that sounds like a blend between Jimmy Eat World and Hey Mercedes, the band explodes out of the speakers with an emotive force not usually seen with this much urgency. Vocalist/guitarist Tony Bucci shared this about the new single:

‘Save You’ is one of the best songs I’ve ever written. Every so often I write a song and every song I write after it I’ll ask myself, ‘When am I going to write another <fill in the blank>?’ ‘Save You’ is an example of that. It’s one of the only songs in the trilogy of releases that we were able to play live before the pandemic hit, and it has an urgency and energy to it in the live setting. I wrote it for two good friends of mine who experienced a devastating loss and when I shared the demo with them it brought them to tears. In fact, when I sent initial mixes of the song to Dane at Jetsam-Flotsam he replied, ‘If the rest of Runner sounds like this, I’m going to lose my shit.’ It also includes some of my favorite recent lyrics at the end of the song: ‘You are the sun in my horizon / the moon is a lighthouse watching over the cliff / there’s a shore / in the distance a few miles more / called acceptance.'”

If you’re digging this song as much as I think you will, consider pre-ordering the trilogy here.

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The Maguas – “Release Me”


Today I’m excited to premiere the latest single from the emo/alt-rock band called The Maguas, for the track “Release Me.” The Maguas shared this about the song, “‘Release Me’ holds a very special place in our hearts as a band. We feel this song helps to portray that feeling of hopelessness one faces when their heart is broken after the loss of a loved one. This song is our interpretation of that internal struggle to let go or move forward from the fear of losing someone so dear to us. This song was conceptualized following the loss of our drummer’s grandfather and is a tribute to Brandon’s coming to terms with his grandfather’s passing.” If you’re rocking out to this song, please consider purchasing the single at your favorite streaming service starting tomorrow.

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Dancing On Tables – “Riviera” (Video Premiere)

Dancing On Tables

The Scottish alternative rock band called Dancing On Tables have returned with their latest single called “Riviera.” In this high-energy performance video, the band showcase their musical chops that led to them gaining the coveted support slot on a recent Catfish and the Bottlemen touring stint. The song comes from their Play Play Play EP, and if you enjoy what you hear as much as I did, you can check out the brand new album here.

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Neutral Snap – “Sleeves” (Video Premiere)

Neutral Snap

Today, I’m pleased to share the new music video premiere of “Sleeves” by NOLA pop-punk band Neutral Snap. The song comes from the band’s new album, out this Friday, called Tell Me How I Feel. The band shared this quote about the great-sounding single, “The “Sleeves” music video follows a guy who is totally fed up with the world and everyone around him. We based this idea off of our own feelings of how we went stir crazy during lock down. “Sleeves” is about becoming self-aware with the fact that you are not going to please everyone. People suck, the world is on fire (literally), but this song is super fun and it highlights the fact that we are human and we make mistakes, but that doesn’t make us any better or worse than anyone else.” With so much going on in the world, Neutral Snap may have just delivered the song to help us cope with everything.

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