Big Loser – “Post-Almost-Overdose” and “I Love You (Billie Eilish)” (Acoustic) (Video Premiere)

big loser

Big Loser put out one of the most underrated albums of last year, Love You, Barely Living. Mixing punk and Americana a la The Menzingers or The Gaslight Anthem, Big Loser catalogued struggles with addiction and relationships coming to an end. But through it all Love You, Barely Living is positively anthemic. The band is getting ready to press the album to vinyl for the first time, nearly a full year after its release. To celebrate, we’re proud to premiere an acoustic session by frontman Chase Spruiell in which he performs “Post-Almost-Overdose” and a performance of Billie Eilish’s “I Love You” acoustic. Stripped down, “Post-Almost-Overdose” takes on a whole new level of melancholy, while his take on “I Love You” retains the haunting atmosphere of the original.

Check those out below, and if you like what you hear, pre-order Love You, Barely Living on vinyl..

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Left Field Messiah – “Fuzz Machine” (Video Premiere)

Left Field Messiah

Today I’m thrilled to share the brand new video from Left Field Messiah called “Fuzz Machine.” Left Field Messiah is comprised of lead vocalist Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat), Jeremy Ruzumna (Fitz and the Tantrums) and Erik Janson (Wildling) who have come together to create some great, energetic, genre-blending tunes. The band had this to say about this latest single:

Fuzz Machine was the third song we wrote for the record. It was also the song that inspired our band name because of the chaos and freedom we felt while working on it. It was a late night in the studio after finishing work on our second song when Jeremy started playing a nylon string guitar sample on his keyboard. We began laying down parts with odds and ends around the studio—a banjitar, harmonica, and then we frenetically recorded the intro vocals, which led to Steve grabbing a handheld mic and recording his vocals with the studio speakers on full blast. It felt raw, it felt right, and it helped the three of us to see through the haze of some toxic relationships we were in.”

Left Field Messiah will be releasing their debut full-length LP called In Praise of Bombast on February 12, 2021.

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Goings – “Trying Dying” (Video Premiere)


Goings have signed to the ever-underappreciated Know Hope Records ahead of the release of their new album, It’s For You. The band’s brand of indie-rock, which mixes the math energy of heavyweights like Dryjacket with the quirky pop of a band like Motion City Soundtrack, is sure to warm up your autumn. We’re excited to premiere the band’s latest single, “Trying Dying,” which is a delightful taste of what to expect from their debut LP.

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Broken Glowsticks – “Dancing On My Own” (Video Premiere)

Broken Glowsticks

Today we’re excited to be premiering the new video from Broken Glowsticks for their song “Dancing on My Own.” Broken Glowsticks is the new side project from AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer. The song is available on all streaming platforms and up at Molly Water Music for purchase.

AJ had this to say about the new project:

This is the new track from my side project Broken Glowsticks, this will be an outlet I use quite frequently in parallel to The Dangerous Summer in order to exercise my songwriting muscles. I spend a lot of hours working on songs that I worry may never see the light of day unless I create a new outlet for them. I want to have fun in this space; I think the second single will shock people a lot more, but this is my nice introduction into the world I am creating. Produced by Will Beasley, drums by Aaron Gillespie, and music video by Nick Marfing of Altamira Films. Leaving Hopeless and starting Molly Water Music really opened up my creative side, and maybe I am crazy, but I want a place for me and my friends to release whatever we feel. I think the quicker I can get my words into the listeners’ ears; we will be that much closer to something that is real.

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Goalkeeper – “Just Say it” (Video Premiere)


Today we’re excited to bring you the premiere of Goalkeeper’s new video for “Just Say It.”

Goalkeeper are a pop-punk band out of Philadelphia signed to Lost Music Collective. They’ll be releasing their new EP, Life in Slow Motion, on September 25th. The album produced by Kevin Mahoney of Hit The Lights/Joywave, engineered by Will Pugh of Cartel, and mixed & mastered by Seb Barlow. Like pop-punk? You’re probably gonna like this.

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Barely Civil – “The Worst Part of December” (Video Premiere)

Barely Civil

Today I’m happy to share with you the exclusive video premiere of “The Worst Part of December,” the great new single by Barely Civil. Frontman Connor Erickson had this to say about the direction of the record, “I feel like our music revolves around the process of analyzing who we are and where we come from. Possibly, even, where we belong.”

Barely Civil’s new album, I’ll Figure This Out, will be released on September 4th via Take This to Heart Records. Pre-orders are now up.

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ZIMINY – “Summer Nights” (Video Premiere)


Today I’m pleased to premiere the new lyric video from ZIMINY, the electro-synth project from former AWOLNATION bassist Dave Amezuca. This song, “Summer Nights” has a vibe fully entrenched in the 60’s-80’s noteworthy artists such as Elton John, The Doors, Chicago and David Bowie, but with a more modern twist.

Amezuca has drawn inspiration from other modern artists such as Cage the Elephant, Tame Impala, as well as his old stomping grounds in AWOLNATION. Amezuca had this to say about his current project’s direction:

It’s strange it’s taken 10 years of playing music professionally to sit in the chair that sort of started it all for me. I would consider the direction of the sound direction-less, or no genre, as I have so many influences that will inspire a different shade of a song. To start things off, I wanted to introduce something that feels old and new at the same time. There’s a clear 80’s formula found in ‘Summer Nights,’ however I hope the take away is that of a fresh perspective. I was inspired by Stranger Things. You feel like you’ve been transported to the 80’s, but at the same time you also know it’s 2020. It’s just works, and you love it. That was my approach with ‘Summer Nights.’ However the Love Language LP covers many different textures, feelings and attitudes. My inspirations are varied so I wanted to bring them all together in one place. I’m very eager to share this music with the world 

If you like this song as much as I do, you can pre-save the track on Spotify. ZIMINY’s debut LP, Love Language will be available everywhere music is sold on August 21st.

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Rational Anthem – “Unimaginary Girlfriend” (Video Premiere)

Rational Anthem

Today I’m proud to premiere the latest single from Rational Anthem called “Unimaginary Girlfriend.” The band, who are originally from Florida, are set to release their new record It’s Only Permanent on November 1st via A-F Records. This video captures the band’s energy from their live shows and their great personalities.

If you like what you hear, pre-orders are now up.

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Leather Bound Crooks – “Summer Nights” (Video Premiere)

Leather Bound Crooks

Today I’m proud to premiere the latest video from Leather Bound Crooks called “Summer Nights.” The band mentioned in a recent interview that, “We really wanted to create a chill end of summer vibe. The song is central to a summer love and the tones and melody create this blissful atmosphere. We’re glad the lyric video is able to reflect the track’s aesthetics so well.” Leather Bound Crooks’ latest record, Breach, is available on all streaming platforms via Forward Pace Records.

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Sun Cycles – “Bang Bang” (Video Premiere)

Sun Cycles

Sun Cycles, the solo project of Jessica Hottman of The Hottman Sisters, released her latest single “Bang Bang” last week. Today we’re excited to premiere the track’s video. “Bang Bang” is, if you’ll excuse the pun, something of a banger, and I think fans of artists like Betty Who or Halsey would find a lot to love in the indie pop song. Hottman describes the song as:

A song about falling fast in love. It tells the tale of how we often play youthful games, in an attempt to ignore how we really feel. The bridge of the song is that moment when we let go and dive headfirst into those feelings we have, which are often inescapable anyway.

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Russian Girlfriends – “Redfield” (Video Premiere)

Russian Girlfriends

From Albuquerque, New Mexico, Russian Girlfriends and I are excited to premiere their new music video for the single, “Redfield.” Rich with religious imagery detailing lead vocalist Adam Hooks’ realizations that his upbringing as a pastor’s son may not be the best fit in his personal life, this video rocks with the immediacy of bands such as The Bouncing Souls and Anti-Flag.

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Chorus TV: Punchline


Punchline’s most recent tour found them supporting their longtime friends and influencers, Less Than Jake. The Pittsburgh, PA quartet performed a half hour of catchy tunes, from early fan favorite “Heart Transplants” to material from their latest album, Lion, along with a cover of Operation Ivy’s “Sound System” for the ska loyalists.

Enjoy their full set live from College Street Music Hall in New Haven, CT on April 16, 2019.

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