Wild Powwers – “Spider Legs” (Song Premiere)

Wild Powwers

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest single from Alt Rock band, Wild Powwers, called “Spider Legs.” Wild Powwers singer/guitarist Lara Hilgemann, bassist Jordan Gomes, and drummer/singer Lupe Flores (who owns renowned Seattle restaurant “Lupe’s Situ Tacos”) have been banging out heavy, infectious, shimmering rock music together for 10 glorious years. On their fifth full length album, Pop Hits & Total Bummers Vol. 5, the band cultivates a collection of songs that lean in on both sides of the musical spectrum. Some are written to be catchy, and some are written to be massive bummers. They’d like to thank Seattle’s lack of sunshine for making it all possible. Hilgemann shared about the new single, “‘Spider Legs’ is about never being able to shake the feeling of someone or something. Like a phantom limb. It’s cut off from you for some reason or another but you can’t shake the feeling of its ghost.” If you’re enjoying the latest single, please consider pre-ordering the band’s new LP, out everywhere on July 5th via Nadine Records, here.

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