Albums in Stores – Feb. 24th, 2023

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$uicideboy$ & Shakewell – Shameless $uicide
(hed)p.e. – 70s Hits From The Pit
Adam Lambert – High Drama
Alborn – Push
Algiers – Shook
Anatomy Of Habit – Black Openings
Asylence – Endanger Us All
Awake At Last – The Balance
BIG|BRAVE – Nature Morte
Begonia – Powder Blue
Big Brave – nature morte
Bodyfarm – Ultimate Abomination
Charmer – Seney Stretch
Collapse Of Colour – For All The Days Decayed
David Brewis – The Soft Struggles
Death Pill – Death Pill
Death Valley Girls – Islands In The Sky
Dope – Blood Money, Part Zer0
El Supremo – Acid Universe
Erase Theory – Erase Theory
Eyes Of Argus – Honey’d Dreams
Faron – World Beyond Grief
GLU – My Demons
Ghosts Of Shadow Moses – Nemesis
Gina Birch – I Play My Bass Loud
Godsmack – Lighting Up The Sky
Gorillaz – Cracker Island
Gracie Abrams – Good Riddance
Hammerhedd – Nonetheless
Heaven’s Gate – Smear Campaign
Heavensgate – And All I Loved, I Loved Alone
Heidevolk – Wederkeer
Henret – Abandon Hope
Hollow Construct – Hollow Construct
Hundred Reasons – Glorious Sunset
Hypno5e – Sheol
Ignominy – Imminent Collapse
Insomnium – Anno 1696
Isolant – Drain
King Abyss – Snake Oil
Lemon Pitch – Threat Of Weather
Letdown. – Crying In The Shower
Logic – College Park
Lost Years – Wish You Weren’t Here
Lovebites – Judgement Day
Lucero – Should’ve Learned By Now
Låpsley – Cautionary Tales Of Youth
Machiavellian Art – Indoctrination Sounds
Mazie – Blotter Baby
Megaton Sword – Might & Power
Merlock – Onward Strides Colossus
Motörhead – Bad Magic: Seriously Bad Magic
Naut – Hunt
Neutral Milk Hotel – The Collected Works Of Neutral Milk Hotel
Nightmares – The Dark Hold
No Spill Blood – Eye Of Night
Omega Infinity – The Anticurrent
Philip Selway – Strange Dance
Real Friends – There’s Nothing Worse Than Too Late
Real Terms – Vantage
Resignation – You Are More Than Right Now
Rick Wakeman – A Gallery Of The Imagination
Ron Sexsmith – The Vivian Line
Secret Machines – The Moth, The Lizard, And The Secret Machines
Shame – Food For Worms
Skrillex – Quest For Fire
Sleep Terror – Railroad To Dystopia
Slumbering Sun – The Ever-Living Fire
Sløtface – Awake / Asleep
Steel Panther – On The Prowl
Stöner – Boogie To Baja
Swim Camp – Steel Country
The Alan Parsons Project – The Turn Of A Friendly Card
The Slow Readers Club – Knowledge Freedom Power
Then It Ends – Solace (Instrumental)
They Grieve – To Which I Bore Witness
Tide Lines – An Ocean Full Of Islands
To The Grave – Director’s Cuts
U.S. Girls – Bless This Mess
Upcdownc – Duel
VLMV – RedivideR
Venomous Concept – The Good Ship Lollipop
Wanderer – Indulgence Of The Unreal
Westing – Future
shame – Food For Worms
Étale – Phynai