LOVEBREAKERS – “Attracted To Your Fashion”


Today I’m excited to share with everyone the new single and music video from LOVEBREAKERS, that comes from their forthcoming album Wonder, called “Attracted To Your Fashion.” The band recently toured Europe with punk veterans Social Distortion and appear poised for their musical moment. The band shared:

”‘Attracted To Your Fashion” is about the first time I met my girlfriend. We were chatting online, and I was instantly hooked by the way she dressed. She wore vintage clothes with no labels and did her hair and makeup like she was from LA. I remember being obsessed with her fashion sense before we got to know each other on a personal level. I wrote the song with her in mind, and I added in aspects like the pin badges and all the other girls being jealous. I wanted the song to be a celebration of being attracted to somebody before you meet them. It has a sense of excitement and anticipation, which was how I felt the first time I saw her. After we got chatting, we instantly had chemistry. We are now 9 years into our relationship, and I’m still attracted to her dress sense and many other things!

If you’re enjoying the new single, please consider purchasing their music here.

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Record Store Day Roundup: 2023 Edition

Record Store Day is the annual celebration of indie record stores that is paired with special vinyl releases across all genres that get fans of the music format excited to join in the party in hopes of obtaining the release(s) they absolutely need for their collection. In this article, I’ll be outlining some of the special releases that brought music fans to the stores in droves, what I was noticing from the in-person and online feedback from attendees of the event, what was working well as well as a few recommendations for future years, and the aftermath of purchasing RSD leftovers online from various indie record stores.

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American Thrills – “Follow You Down” (Video Premiere)

American Thrills

Today is a great day to share a Gin Blossoms cover of “Follow You Down” by Connecticut band, American Thrills. On this 8-bit stylized video, American Thrills offer a unique take on a 90’s Alt-Rock classic. The band shared, “Growing up in the 90’s the Gin Blossoms got heavy rotation on my boom-box. The records they put out during that time are timeless and still have an incredible influence on the music we are making today. We also had trouble finding the right DJ to finish off our Limp Bizkit cover, so we had to roll with the Blossoms banger.” American Thrills’ debut LP still has a few vinyl copies available left here.

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Ghost Love – “Mourners Disco” (Album Stream)

Ghost Love

Today I’m excited to share with everyone a listen to the new LP from synth-pop trio, Ghost Love, called Mourners Disco. On this 80’s-inspired LP, Ghost Love channel their adoration for haunting synths, breathtaking vocals, and unique beats for a great listening experience. David Rancourt shared:

As band members we all love the tension between writing simple pop songs, but including more left field and more free form influences as well – which I think is what defines Ghost Love in terms of songwriting.Thematically, it is a dark record about loss and grief but there’s also a sort of ecstatic and escapist mood that combines with that darkness where we also wanted that tension to shine through. My own personal favorite albums tend to straddle those lines in terms of pop and experimentation as well as light and dark emotionally.

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Love Metal at 20: The Album That Awakened My Love for HIM


A blistering guitar riff filled my ears. Pummeling drums echoed throughout my head. Sultry baritone vocals singing about a love that ached like death took the song home. My friend sat in front of me with a goofy grin waiting for my reaction. “I love this song,” he said. “It’s good, right? They’re a Finnish band called HIM.” We typically spent mornings before 10th-grade history ranking our favorite Green Day songs and debating if they or Blink-182 were the true kings of pop punk. Then one day, it was all about HIM. He started wearing their shirts every day. He obsessed over their music videos. His notebook was slowly taken over by poorly drawn Heartagrams. He spent days taking me through their discography in a desperate attempt to convert me. Nothing really clicked. It’s not that I didn’t like them. They were just okay in my book. But, he didn’t give up convinced he would find the song that would turn me into a fan.

Another morning before history. By now we had the routine down: he’d scroll through his iPod searching for the perfect song, hand me the headphones, and hit play. But this time, something changed. A serene swirling piano greeted me followed by energetic percussion and gentle acoustic guitars that took the song to a different level. The crooning baritone I’ve heard many times before came in sounding sweet and gentle. It was unlike anything I’d heard before. I looked at my friend. He grinned. “The Sacrament” was my introduction to Love Metal and the song that made me a fan. 20 years later, it remains my favorite HIM song.

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Liner Notes (April 15th, 2023)


This week’s newsletter has thoughts on last night’s Blink-182 performance at Coachella as well as some other random comments on music and entertainment I consumed over the past week. As always, there’s also a playlist of ten songs worth your time, and this week’s supporter Q&A post can be found here.

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Broadway Calls – “A Little Shake” (Song Premiere)

Broadway Calls

Today I’m excited to share with everyone the latest single from punk band, Broadway Calls, called “A Little Shake.” On this electric single, Broadway Calls channel their love for slick harmonies and breakneck hooks into a crowd-pleasing song. I was also able to catch up with lead vocalist and guitarist Ty Vaughn for a brief interview below.

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Occurrence – “Slow Violence” (Album Stream)


Today is a great day to share the latest LP from electronic band Occurrence, called Slow Violence. On this expansive double album from the NYC-based band, it tackles themes from the blissful feeling of love all the way to lowest of lows of failure. Occurrence is Ken Urban (electronics, synths & beats), Cat Hollyer (vocals, flute) and Johnny Hager (vocals), and the album is out everywhere music is sold today.

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Between The Echoes – “Night Diving (Reimagined)” (Song Premiere)

Between The Echoes

Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone the latest single from Between The Echoes called “Night Diving (Reimagined)” On this Thrice cover, Between The Echoes do the original song justice by adding their unique take on the instrumental song by adding their own vocals and personality directly back into the music. Katie Jean (vocals) shared:

As a band, we are huge fans of Thrice and their instrumental version of ‘Night Diving.’ We thought it would be an incredible opportunity to take a song we loved so dearly and reimagine it with not only vocals, but also through lots of added ear candy sprinkled about. Not only lyrically but also musically, it was very important to us that we pay homage to Thrice’s Alchemy Index and simply add our magical touch to the song!

Between The Echoes are onto something truly magical here.

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Ben Copperhead – “Franny and the Songbirds” (Video Premiere)

Ben Copperhead

Today is a great day to share the latest single and music video from indie-folk songwriter Ben Copperhead. On this eclectic new song called “Franny & The Songbirds,” Copperhead channels his love of other indie-folk artists like Father John Misty, Leonard Cohen, and Surfjan Stevens into his own unique psychedelic package. The song comes from Copperhead’s new LP, Wailing Viridescence, out everywhere music is sold on April 28th. I was also able to catch up with this talented artist for a brief interview below.

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Interview: Sarah and the Safe Word

Sarah and the Safe Word

Recently I was able to schedule a Zoom interview with Sarah Rose (lead vocals) and Kienan Dietrich (guitars/vocals), of Sarah & The Safe Word, to discuss their thrilling fourth album, The Book of Broken Glass. The new record was produced by Jim Wirt (Jack’s Mannequin, Hoobastank), and will be released everywhere music is sold this Friday, April 7th via Take This To Heart Records. In this in-depth interview, I asked these two band members about what went into the writing/recording of the new LP, plus what fans can expect on their current tour with Shayfer James.

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Sunsetter – “The Whole World That Turns Around Itself” (Song Premiere)


Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest single from shoegaze artist Sunsetter, called “The Whole World That Turns Around Itself.” Sunsetter is the solo music project of Andrew McLeod, and he shared:

This track is one of the first things I created when my partner and I moved into our new house in rural Norfolk county. I found myself realizing there was an album coming together; I had about 20+ pieces of music to work from and I was trying to pair down but also create more tracks that really captured the mood of how I was feeling at the time.  After finishing this track, I remember thinking to myself that I had found a more central mood for this album as a whole and ended up scrapping a bunch of the songs I had previously recorded and almost starting from scratch.

If you’re enjoying the direction of the new single, the full-length record called The Best I Can Be, will be released everywhere music is sold today. I was also able to catch up with Andrew for a brief interview below.

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Quit Yourself – “Strung Out and Grinding Your Teeth” (Song Premiere)

Quit Yourself

Today I’d like to introduce everyone to a great up and coming emo band called Quit Yourself. This Buffalo, New York-based band is sharing their new single called “Strung Out & Grinding Your Teeth.” The song comes from their new EP It Gets Worse Before It Gets Worse. Recorded and mixed by Chris Ploss and mastered by Paul Leavitt, the emotional and heartfelt song speaks to the struggles of the human experience. The music is both raw and authentic, with lyrics that are both thought-provoking and deeply moving. The EP is dynamic and reminiscent of early 2000’s emo, blended with bits of pop-punk and indie/post-hardcore.

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