Track List: April – Breezy Days & Stretching Legs


Welcome back to Track List, your monthly dose of 30 songs aimed to match the time of year, sequenced into a playlist for you to vibe out to however you see fit. Hopefully some names will be familiar, and hopefully some will give you a new discography to dive into. Drop me a line with some of your seasonal favorites and check back every month for a new playlist.

You can find the playlist on Spotify and Apple Music and read more about the selections below.

Breezy Days & Stretching Legs

Well, spring is officially here. The coldest days of the year are finally in the rearview, and over the next few weeks we’ll see zip-up hoodies and pullovers following suit. While spring doesn’t really have as much of a bold presence or “signature” event as its siblings do (unless you’re counting tax returns and seasonal allergies), its way of speaking in subtleties makes it hard to not get outside and enjoy. Daisies, daffodils, and lilacs splash color onto the foliage like tiny fireworks. Walking to your favorite local bar or restaurant suddenly sounds enjoyable again, and the choice between indoor or outdoor seating when you get there no longer sounds like a question of pure insanity. This playlist was made with those days in mind — a breeze-brushed mid-afternoon walk to the park where you might lay in the grass and close your eyes for a little longer than planned. Kacey Johansing and Noname feed you daydream fuel to keep you in the zone. Maybe you find yourself on your patio with breakfast, letting your bones thaw with a cup of coffee and Andrew Bird’s indie-folk overtones. Whatever the case may be, give this one a spin and let yourself enjoy what April has to offer.