Interview: Dim


This past week, I was able to reach out to the band Dim to talk about their great new record, From Dark To Light We’ll See that we premiered last week. In this interview, I asked the band about the circumstances that led to this album title, what each band member brings creatively into Dim with their unique artist influences, their process for songwriting, and upcoming merchandise plans to support the new record.

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Flight Club – “High Roller” (Video Premiere)

flight club

Today I’m thrilled to share the exclusive video premiere of Flight Club’s latest single called “High Roller” from their upcoming record, Until The Sun Drowns, out everywhere on July 30th via Open Your Ears Records. Flight Club’s vocalist Charlie Mahoney shared this about this great new single, “With ‘High Roller,’ we wanted to make a song that felt like a late night. Something fun but with a bit of attitude to get you feeling yourself.” Your next musical obsession has arrived.

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Interview: Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms

Brendan Kelly

This past week, I was able to get a hold of Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms before he embarks on a full US tour, including an expertly planned “troll job” of a gig on August 21st at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping venue with Laura Jane Grace. In this interview, we talked about the circumstances that led to this show, the things he admires most about Laura, his songwriting process, and how the pandemic delayed a lot of his creativity and motivation. Brendan’s “Here Goes Nothin'” tour begins on July 30th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and will wrap up in Cleveland, Ohio on August 22nd. Merchandise for the Four Seasons Total Landscaping show is now on sale.

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Dim – ‘From Dark To Light We’ll See’ (Album Premiere)


Today I’m thrilled to share that the band Dim (featuring previous band members of The Dangerous Summer and Woe Is Me) chose our site to premiere their new album called From Dark To Light We’ll See. The band’s direction on this latest album is the perfect soundtrack to this past year of darkness and the tumultuous experience of living through a pandemic. Dim is in the same landscape of other artists like The Spill Canvas, Saosin, and Bring Me The Horizon. Dim welcomes you into their world, a day earlier than anyone, else exclusively here!

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Interview: Joe Principe of Rise Against

Rise Against

This past week, I was able to chat with Joe Principe (bassist) of Rise Against before the band embarks on one of their most ambitious tours to date. In this interview we discussed where the title of their excellent new album Nowhere Generation came from, the songwriting process that the band went through during these sessions, what Rise Against plan to do with their bonus material, as well as how Joe stayed active in the causes he is passionate about during the pandemic. Rise Against will be starting their headlining tour with support from the Descendents and The Menzingers.

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Interview: M.A.G.S.

This past week, I was able to connect with Elliot Douglas, better known as the artist M.A.G.S. for a Zoom interview. In this enlightening interview, he discussed where the title of his new album Say Things That Matter (out everywhere on August 13th) originated from, his unique upbringing with a variety of musical styles, his connection to the emo and pop-punk scene, as well as how his upcoming tour preparations are going. I also asked M.A.G.S. about this new “wave” of artists who are creating their own trend, and how he sees himself fitting with the music landscape today.

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Interview: Ali Tabatabaee and Adrian Estrella of Zebrahead


A lot has changed in the world of Zebrahead since I last connected with Ali Tabatabaee. The band recently announced that longtime guitarist and front-man, Matty Lewis, had left the band, the pandemic rocked these road veterans touring plans, and the punk rockers were looking for a way to pick up the pieces in searching for their next lead singer of Zebrahead. Enter Adrian Estrella (front-man of Assuming We Survive) to take the coveted reins of the band as they begin their third chapter. In this interview, Ali and Adrian discuss the circumstances that led to Matty Lewis leaving Zebrahead, why the band chose Adrian to move forward with the recording of their new album and upcoming touring plans, as well as what they both think the future holds in store for this latest exciting version of the band.

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The Golden Casket is Good News For People Who Love Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse

When Modest Mouse’s The Moon & Antarctica turned 20 last year, I was so excited to learn that many contributors here loved the band as much as I do. Now that we all assemble like The Avengers from time to time to take on new releases like Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR, it only made sense for us to put our heads together for Modest Mouse’s new album The Golden Casket. I was lucky to be joined by Aaron Mook and Mary Varvaris as we dove headfirst into the band’s first new full length since 2015. Here we broke down all that we enjoyed, any potential hiccups and took a big picture look at the band as whole.

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Zoon – “Clouded Formation” and “A Perfect Sunset Ahead” (Video Premiere)


Zoon is the moniker of the talented musician, Daniel Monkman. Today, Zoon is premiering two different music videos for the singles “Clouded Formation” and “A Perfect Sunset Ahead” from his debut album, Bleached Wavves, released via Paper Bag Records. Zoon shared this about “Clouded Formation:”

”Clouded Formation” was created from a random sound experiment. I wanted to create a song that didn’t follow any traditional structures but had traditional sounds. I initially wrote a basic guitar progression and added some light leads over top. Then sent it through a ditto looper and had this amazing 30sec loop. I then sent that loop to another reversed reverb pedal and amazingly came across this beautiful wall of sound texture, Which had no real proper structure. It all came together when I designed a drum pattern that fit perfectly with the track and gave it a sense of normalcy.

With a shoegaze sound in the same realm as My Bloody Valentine, Zoon could very well be your next music obsession.

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Savas – “Pastels” (Video Premiere)


The Portland, Maine R&B/pop artist known as Savas (also the vocalist of Roseview), is premiering his brand new music video today for the song “Pastels.” This song connects Savas to the unique communication we have with art, and is similar to other standout artists like YUNGBLUD with the songwriting poise of Phoebe Bridgers. Savas describes “Pastels” as being, “about the problems and struggles of lusting over someone that communicates through their art and actions. Its lyrics share the more emotional side of dating while the song as a whole portrays a poppy and happier side.” With so much more to come from this exciting artist, there’s no better time to invite you into Savas’ world.

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Do You Get Déjà Vu Listening To Olivia Rodrigo?


When we last premiered a feature on Taylor Swift comparing both versions of Fearless, I was intrigued by the idea of working with my fellow contributors on a similar collaborative piece. Our next group topic takes a look at Olivia Rodrigo’s ultra-popular SOUR album. I asked Mary Varvaris and Zac Djamoos to join me in discussing key comparisons in Rodrigo’s sound to other modern artists, what worked well on the album, as well any missteps or areas for improvement in the young artist’s sound.

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Interview: Missy Dabice of Mannequin Pussy

Mannequin Pussy

Like many artists this past year, 2020 was a challenging one for Mannequin Pussy. Just a few months removed from releasing Patience – their first record for Epitaph Records – the world was shut down by COVID-19. After discovering that creating new music in a socially distant type of way wasn’t working, the Philadelphia-based trio booked time at Will Yip’s Studio 4 to spark some creativity. What emerged was the Perfect EP – a five-track collection that showcases the best of Mannequin Pussy’s sound while also displaying a tenderness within. From the booming passion of “Control” and “To Lose You” to the abrasive thrash of the title track and “Pigs is Pigs,” Mannequin Pussy continues to evolve their style in incredibly special and diverse ways. Below, guitarist/vocalist Missy Dabice and I discuss being creative during a global pandemic, working with Yip, and “Drunk II” (of course).

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Interview: Tyler Posey and Mike Henneberger

Tyler Posey and Mike Henneberger

This past week, I was fortunate enough to re-connect with author Mike Henneberger who wrote Rock Bottom at the Renaissance: An Emo Kid’s Journey Through Falling In and Out of Love In and With New York City. Mike Henneberger chose veteran actor/musician Tyler Posey to record the audiobook, that has recently been released. In this interview, Mike, Tyler and I discuss the importance of working consistently on our mental health, the process Tyler went through for recording this audiobook and what made this project different than being on screen, and also how Mike has been constantly promoting his memoir in hopes that others will benefit from his story.

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