Track List: March – Holding Onto Winter

While it may scratch more than one itch in terms of article and discussion content, it’s probably safe to say that the vast majority of us found through a mutual love for music. Whether it’s listening to the classics that once mended your broken heart, or spotlighting new additions to soundtrack your growth — if you’re reading this, you’re probably the type of person that prioritizes a set of rumbling speakers before you even put on your seatbelt. You might also be the person that makes a night out of giving an anticipated new album a dedicated front-to-back listen — not daring to skip the three month old first single, of course. And hell, if you’re anything like me, you probably base what you choose to listen to on your surroundings. How long am I going to stand on this treadmill browsing my library before I eventually land on Yellowcard again, you ask? On average, maybe about 6 minutes. In any of those cases, and so many more, this feature is for you.

Welcome to the monthly Track List. Each month I’ll be handpicking 30 songs that I think match that time of year, and sequencing them into a playlist for you to vibe out to however you see fit. Hopefully some names will be familiar, and hopefully some will give you a new discography to dive into. Some may even show up on more than one list! The goal is solely to capture the essence of that season, and marry it to some tunes to we can all enjoy. Drop me a line with some of your seasonal favorites and check back every month for a new playlist!

You can find the playlist on Spotify and Apple Music and read more about the selections below.

Holding Onto Winter

As February bows out and makes way for March, we begin to see signs of Spring before it even technically tags itself in. The snow melts just a bit quicker, the weight of tax season begins to tug on the back of your shirt like an impatient child — and I’m over here curled up on the couch asking for just five more minutes of warm drinks and crackling fireplaces. To me, this time of year is ripe for low key music to accompany the cloudy days and slowly increasing hours of daylight. The All-American Rejects and Babygirl give us low key pop jams with just a touch of upbeat melody to prep our bones for thawing, but Jaws Of Love. and Alice Boman keep us in that “stare out the window” mood as snowfall transitions to heavy rain. And what would a playlist be if it weren’t to include the bells and somber environment of some good old fashioned emo songs? Looking at you, American Football and Fire Is Motion. This playlist is for those moody nights in alone with the television off, and those dead-stop commutes to work while the rain gives your windshield wipers a run for their money. Let’s hang onto the last few threads of winter while we can still keep them around our fingers.

You can find the playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.