AFI’s Jade Puget Talks About Upcoming Album


Alternative Press talked with AFI’s Jade Puget about their upcoming album.

Yeah, definitely. The whole recording was different, especially with me stepping up to produce after all this time. I’d compose the entire song and demo it out before we hit the studio, so a lot of the production was done early on. Matt was awesome and we worked really well together—that whole thing was very different for me and very different for the band. In the studio, we tried to make it flow and work very naturally because we don’t love being in the studio. That’s the work part of it and we love the creative part, the writing, and the enjoyment part is going on the road. So I did the vocals with Davey [Havok], just he and I in a room together while the drums were being tracked. Dave and I have always just wanted to do the vocals just the two of us and make a record like that. It was awesome and I loved it.