Chrissy Costanza Praises Hayley Williams

Against the Current

Chrissy Costanza of Against the Current posted an open letter to Paramore’s Hayley Williams on Twitter:

I had no idea how to be a frontwoman. How to command a room. I didn’t know how to allow myself to be empowered. I wasn’t cool, I wasn’t powerful, I wasn’t a leader. Hayley changed that. She showed me that it’s ok for girls to get mad. It’s ok for girls to be powerful, to lead, to command, to conquer.”

It’s ok to break down that door and stomp on the implicit “no girls allowed” sign. It’s ok to stand for something. It’s ok to stand for being yourself when everyone wants to tell you how you should be, how a girl should be. The years changed, the hair colours changed, the music changed, but the empowering spirit never changed. She inspired me 7 years ago the day I first listened to Riot! and she has inspired me every day since.