Tom DeLonge: My Life in 10 Songs


Tom DeLonge talked with Kerrang about the 10 songs that have defined his career, such as, “Family Reunion:”

We’d had this giant record with Enema Of The State, and then we go to record its follow-up and the whole label is freaking out, because they’re scared about what we’re going to write. We had three songs for them to hear after six months to see where we’re at. It’s the head of the label and the head A&R guy, and we played them this song full of cuss words, a song that went, ​‘When you fucked Hitler did he tell you that he loved you?’, which later became “When You Fucked Grandpa,” and cover of the Macarena that went, ​‘Hey, wipe your anus.’ They literally thought that’s what we’d been doing for six months. It was ridiculous. But what I’m getting at is even when the stakes were really high and there’s a lot of pressure to follow up a really big record, doing those songs was the core of who we were – having fun, fucking with people and having a good time. And when that didn’t exist in blink was when it was really hard, because that’s the whole goal of that band.