JD Pinkus – “Charmer” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m excited to share with everyone the latest video from JD Pinkus called “Charmer.” On this vibrant, rhythmic instrumental track, JD Pinkus shows off his playing chops in a sprawling song. JD Pinkus shared, “This one was written for snakes of all kinds, but mainly my friendly rattle snake buddy, Fred. My friend, Jed Willis, helped me out with his sci-fi pedal steel and Film Maker, Courtney Sell, made this nice hypnotic video for it, to capture this instrumental with his organic visuals.” If you’re enjoying the latest single, please consider pre-ordering JD’s new album, Grow A Pear, here. I was also able to catch up with this talented artist for a brief interview below.

Charmer” is our first taste of Grow A Pear. How does the track capture the vibe of the album as a whole? 

I was hoping this instrumental might hypnotize all the listeners into wanting to hear the rest of the album. This song might most best represent the vibe of ‘anything goes’ on this album.

How does this LP differ from your last 3 solo albums and your work with the Butthole Surfers? Can you elaborate on the meaning behind the Side Rotten and Side Ripe Side of Grow A Pear?

This album was recorded over the course of 5 years. I started working on these songs (on ‘Side Rotten’) to contribute to a new Butthole Surfers album that never ended up happening. ‘Side Ripe’ are newer songs done in the same spirit with more of a live band feel and leaning towards my newer stuff. Grow A Pear is a pretty non-genre non specific LP shining in on different parts of my music career. Having some of my fave players from now and then join me to flavor these songs makes it quite different then my previous solo albums…I guess I recorded these ‘alone together’.

You describe the record as a “thumb over the genre-hose nozzle” (which is an awesome analogy by the way). What was one of the weirdest/coolest elements that found its way onto the album?

I think all of these players and elements had to be weird and cool to agree to play with me cause they obliged when I asked… there’s heavy, there’s horns, there’s pedal steel, Rhodes, twisted banjo, a lil Paul Leary guitar, Sam Coomes stellar noises… , shit,… there’s even a song with binaural beats…, that’s the second instrumental on the record. Something for everyone and nothing for someone.