Broadway Calls
Coming After You

Music has a funny way of finding us, doesn’t it? So when I got wind of the Oregon punk rock band, Broadway Calls, and their latest EP, Coming After You, I was taken back by just how good the music pouring out the speakers was. This slick, 4-song EP was recently pressed on a 7″ vinyl via Red Scare Industries, and is a pleasing blend of great punk rock riffing paired with sing-a-long moments that are sure to make you feel rejuvenated about the current punk scene. The set was produced by Scott Goodrich, and puts a bright spotlight on the band’s songwriting improvements. Broadway Calls are Coming After You, and you should embrace it.

Lead single, “Coming After You” sets the tone for the overall EP with some crunchy guitar riffs paired with smooth vocals from the frontman Ty Vaughn. The lyrics in the second verse of, “You made a fortune, while we lost our heads / You disapprove of violence while we’re fresh out of space for the dead / I nailed the punchline / Did you get the joke? / I hope the night you get it, I hope you laugh so hard you choke,” are pointed, but the melodic approach to the song make for a memorable opening statement. “A Little Shake” continues down the path of energetic punk rock, with a sound that fits somewhere between Gob, Social Distortion, and The Explosion.

The back-half of the EP launches into “Dead Before I Hit the Ground” that features a great chorus, and a killer bass line courtesy of Adam Willis. Drummer Josh Baird’s steady hand behind the kit lends himself well to the band’s overall development, while Vaughn’s rip-roaring guitar solo is legendary. The final track of “Dreamin'” is the shortest in the set, but is a nice starry-eyed ballad, as Vaughn admits, “Practice eye contact / Never been good at that / You got me dreamin’ wide awake.” It plays out like a Nimrod-era Green Day song that ties a nice bow on the artistic statement that Broadway Calls have made on Coming After You. Punk rock isn’t rocket science, but this talented band makes it look effortless and hell of a lot of fun.