Realization / Release

Toronto post-hardcore rockers Conversation are set to release their second EP in the “Honesty EPs” collection called Realization / Release. It’s on this new EP that they continue to expand upon their influences that range from scene heavy-hitters such as the Deftones and Underoath, with the pop sensibilities of Silverstein. The record was produced by Sam Guaiana (Silverstein, Hundred Suns), who brings out the best in the Canadian band. With intricate guitar parts, soaring vocal melodies, and post-hardcore elements thrown into the mix, Conversation has made a dramatic artistic statement on their latest record.

Highlighted by the current single, “Lessons,” the band hone in their alternative rock influences and bring some new love to the rock scene with some brooding guitars and emotive vocals. The track reminded me of the soft/loud dynamic perfected by other scene bands such as Underoath, and has some metal undertones similar to Thrice and Bullet For My Valentine.

Other songs like the ripping introductory track “I’m More Savant Than Soldier” allow for Conversation to re-introduce themselves to the crowded rock scene by showcasing their impressive musical chops. Lead vocalist Timothy Bolton is as charismatic as he’s ever been and carefully moves from clean vocals to screams with ease. “Just Breathe” ended up being my favorite moment on the EP that contains a ton of redeeming qualities to it. With spiraling guitar parts to aggressive drumming, the song is highlighted by the contrast of Bolton’s vocals to what the instruments are doing.

Album closer “You and Me, Old Man” is a tender moment on the record and showcases the depth of styles and moods that the Toronto-base band can convey in just a short period. Conversation has made plenty of improvements from the previous EP to continue to be a band to watch closely as the rest of the year unfolds.