Culture Wars
Let Me Down

Culture Wars

On the latest single from the Austin rock trio, “Let Me Down” finds Culture Wars navigating through a difficult relationship that is starting to drift astray. Lead vocalist Alex Dugan wears his heart on his sleeve with lyrics such as, “I don’t want to fight no more/Voicemail right away/I know how this goes.” His vocal delivery comes across as earnest, heartfelt, and powerful all at the same time.

The song is masterfully crafted around a guitar riff through the verses and builds up to a great pre-chorus that eventually explodes into a catchy hook. Lead guitarist and electronic musician Mic Vredenburgh allows the song to brood with confidence at he provides a vast, yet dark landscape to complete the picture of Dugan’s vision. Drummer David Grayson knows just when to give delicateness to the beats in the verses, and provides pulse-pounding fills in the chorus to allow the track to soar to new heights. It’s there on the chorus where Dugan confesses, “I’m just waiting for you to let me down/So get all the way, get all the way down.” The track itself allows for thoughtful reflection in the verses, while still allowing the listener to dance their cares away in the chorus.

The song itself reminded me of a mash-up between The 1975-type guitars blended with the pop sensibilities and strong songwriting of The Maine. Comparisons aside, Culture Wars never let up on their intentions of grabbing our attention from the first notes and find new and interesting ways to invite us on their musical journey.

Culture Wars, who had previously released a self-titled EP in 2017 led by the success of their single “Bones,” are previewing new music starting with “Let Me Down.” If this song is any indication of what to expect from their upcoming record, we are all certainly in for a treat.