Ethan Gold
Alexandria and Me / In New York

Ethan Gold - Alexandria and Me / In New York

The latest single from singer/songwriter and composer Ethan Gold explores the unique vibes that two cities brought out in him. The Los Angeles-based musician made his solo debut in 2011 with Songs from a Toxic Apartment, and Gold has also brought his unique approach to songwriting in film scores such as 2019’s Don’t Let Go. Gold’s next solo album is entitled Earth City 1: The Longing and will be released everywhere music is sold on May 14th of this year. The stark contrast between the two singles only speaks to the ability of Gold to convey a wide range of emotions in his music.

”Alexandria & Me” is the lead single in this set and immediately grabs the listeners attention with its vibrant guitar riffs and Gold’s uplifting vocals. The song is about being in downtown Los Angeles and exploring a haunted hotel where Gold is hearing different voices. His approach to telling his adventures in his own life through his music is reminiscent of the songwriting style of the Ireland-based band Ash, and the vocal styling of the lead singer Tim Wheeler. Much like the comparisons found between the two artists, they are both more than capable of crafting a solid hook to captivate their audience.

The b-side to the single released today comes in the form of “In New York,” a sprawling piano-based ballad about the ultimate conflict of finding joy in the city as well as navigating the every day struggles of trying to survive in a place that can lead to internal struggle as well. Gold’s voice bellows and echoes over the cabaret-styled piano song, and much like the lead single, Gold is haunted in a different way in this city. Instead of the supernatural elements of being haunted by the unknown, in this track he is dealing with the struggles of finding himself. The two songs found in this collection have peaked my interest when the full-length record drops this spring.