Lost In Society
Eager Heart

Lost in Society

If you’re a fan of The Menzingers, Lost In Society is a band that you should be listening to. The punk trio signed to Wiretap Records for their latest release, Eager Heart. The EP consists of five songs that fly by, and I mean that in a good way. This band rips.

I remember seeing Lost In Society live for the first time at Programme Skate and Sound in Fullerton, CA. By day, the store sells skateboards and vinyl, but at night, they put on some great shows. Right away, the band’s live show impressed me. They have so much energy and that transfers to the new EP.

“Creature” is one catchy song. You can easily find yourself singing along to it after just one listen. There’s a good mixture of songs on this EP. “Stop Me Again” runs a little over four minutes and slows things down only in the slightest. The song is still guitar-driven and in the second half of the song there’s a focus on the vocals for a brief period that stands out.

Eager Heart closes out with “Kid.” The song tells the story of a kid who wonders where he went wrong. The chorus is anthemic and I can already picture people singing their lungs out at shows to this song. “He’s just a kid” is a simple, but powerful line in the context of the song.

The band never gets too carried away with the songwriting and that’s part of what makes them so enjoyable. Some artists get a little cryptic with their lyrics and while that can also be enjoyable, sometimes you just want to listen to some punk music with simple lyrics and music that rips. If you’re a fan of punk music and you haven’t listened to this band yet, you should remedy that with this new EP.