Where Is Your God, Knowing What You Know Now?

Welcome to the world of Plexxaglass! This brooding collection of songs found on the singer’s debut is filled with raw emotion, great vocals, and killer production as well. Where is Your God, Knowing What You Know Now? is simply put an artistic statement to the boldest degree, as the nonbinary vocalist shines all over the LP. Led by the first song, “Lilith,” produced by Mike Shinoda, it becomes crystal clear that this artist is here for the long haul. The ultra-talented vocalist sways from one song to the next with veteran poise not normally seen this early on in a career.

From the impressive vocal range found on the song, “Tall,” to the acoustic guitar-driven track “Aloft,” that features vocals and contributions from the band Hours North, Plexxaglass isn’t afraid of taking calculated risks on this debut album. The piano-tinged “Lament En Route” is beautifully haunting, and the vocalist sounds like a mix somewhere between Amy Winehouse and Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell. This song in particular brings out so much raw emotion, and showcases the vocalist’s unique swagger to their approach to songwriting and performing.

The back half of the record never loses momentum with songs like “Dyd” that bounces along to the piano-based beat. The song explodes into the chorus and brings the four to the floor momentum right to the clubs. “Liar” showcases a more vulnerable side to the singer, and yet they are able to command the song with veteran poise. The closing duo of “Pinch Me” that opens with some backing sounds of a playground and kids playing, to the eventual closer of The Bee Gees’ classic “Stayin’ Alive” featuring Knife Girl continue to show Plexxaglass’ command for their music in the most brilliant of ways. The closer in particular makes it clear that this vocalist has a clear vision for their music and will stop at nothing to reinvent the wheel of what their music can be. By taking a cover song that has been used in so many different places, and turn it into a haunting goth ballad takes a ton of guts, and artistic chops to make it their own. This artist is about to knock the world on its ass.