Pretty Awkward
Hang Out

This Seattle, Washington band called Pretty Awkward is on to some great new things, with their electric new single, “Hang Out.” The four piece-band consists of vocalist Austin Held, bassist/backing vocalist Nichola Wiggins, guitarist/backing vocalist Jake Jones, and drummer Damien Ward, and their unique band chemistry is contagious on this bouncy new track. The band is able to channel a lot of the vibes that are popular from other pop-rock bands like Twenty One Pilots, Foster the People, and Walk the Moon, into their own package.

”Hang Out” opens with a cautious and quiet guitar riff from Jones, and sets the stage for Held to share his world of wanting to be with the people that care about us the most. The catchy chorus of, “Can we hang out / We can make a mess / Or dress to impress / Say yes now / Can we hang out / We can paint the whole town red / Or just keep it chill now / Can we hang out / We could do something / We could do nothing / Anything you want I’m down for / Oh can we just hang out,” is perfect for that summer backyard party playlist.

Overall, there’s a lot to like about Pretty Awkward. They are able to write good singles, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what else the band has in store for us when their yet-to-be named full-length record drops in January.