Slim Jxmmi

Slim Jxmmi – Jxmtro

Slim Jxmmi is one half of the rap-duo Rae Sremmurd. Along with their third album, (SR3MM), he presents his debut solo album Jxmtro. The production on this album is mainly handled by Mike WiLL Made-It, and it includes features from Pharrell Williams, Zoe Kravitz, and Swae Lee, among others. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Slim Jxmmi said he wasn’t as comfortable singing as his brother, so he “came out spraying” for his album. He has always brought the rap flow to the team, so that’s whats to be expected on this album. Although many might worry about his sound without Swae Lee, who usually is the Hook-smith, Uncle Jxmmi is bound to show a few surprises with his absorbing lyrics.

There’s nothing captivating about “Brxnks Truck,” but he’s on a roll in his verses as he presents his lyrics and ad-libs in a fast tempo. Despite the effect of the unique beats and playful ad-libs on “Players Club” and “Anti-Social Smokers Club,” Jxmmi gets lazy with his verses. It is almost as if he puts in no effort to make these songs sound above average. Zoe Kravitz brings nothing but a failed experiment to “Anti-Social Smokers Club.” Pharrell’s touch on ”Chanel” brings so much life to the track and shows his vocal, lyrical, and rhythmic versatility as an artist. Although Pharrell owns this song, Jxmmi and Swae complement each other perfectly.

“Changed Up,” “Growed Up,” and “Keep God First” features Jxmmi at his best on this album. On “Changed Up,” he keeps it real as he describes how people change when things go from being good to bad. The beat by Ducko McFli & Mike will Made-It is addicting, entrancing and helps set the rhythm for Uncle Jxmmi on this song. Slim Jxmmi’s makes it hard to forget the hook by emphasizing the memorable chorus. Yung Lan and Kilo Keyz come together on “Keep God First” to produce what is arguably the best beat on this album. Jxmmi tops the magnificent production with his verses and refrain that will have many listeners swaying.

The impact of the basic songs with which the album kicked off with cannot overshadow the stirring quality of the other songs, which are more than a delight to listen to. The choice of beats and production are a perfect suit for Jxmmi’s style of music. Slim Jxmmi doesn’t hit high vocal notes like Swae Lee, but his hooks are perfect for the sounds on this album. He definitely wasn’t playing when he said he was coming out spraying on this album. Although, Jxmmi’s album shows a few weaknesses in some of his verses, it is clear that Slim Jxmmi knows his sound. Slim Jxmmi is an entertaining rapper who can create hit songs for the group and also take control of his own project.