Tempoh Slow
“Villains In Love”

I’d like to introduce you to a great pop, rock and rap-based band out of L.A. called Tempoh Slow. The band, who reminds me the emo-tinged rap/rock of Twenty One Pilots and the atmospheric feel of The Neighbourhood, are onto some great things on “Villains In Love.” The performance-based music video features vocals from LUNA AURA, and the band rallies around the catchy chorus to make for a memorable single.

The song opens cautiously with some vulnerable, auto-tuned vocals from the lead vocalist from Tempoh Slow as he sings, “I’m fading, I’m back again / Wondering what you tell your friends / I’m fading, I’m back again / Why am I doing this? / Why is this happening?” The song is built around a fairly basic drum loop and pulsating bass lines, but the song really showcases the complexities of relationships and the internal struggle that goes on in our minds when things start to get difficult.

LUNA AURA’s vocals towards the end of the song bring further richness to the story as she sings her part, and harmonizes later with Tempoh Slow. What I really enjoyed about this track is the storytelling and the overall vibe of explaining about a flawed relationship that is still worth saving. Tempoh Slow’s EP, called Punxx Noir, will be out everywhere on March 25th, 2022.