The Difference Between
Detach: Envenom

The latest emo/post-hardcore “supergroup” comes now in the form of The Difference Between on their debut EP Detach: Envenom. The band is comprised of the ever-familiar vocals of founding vocalist of Emarosa (Chris Roberts), guitarist Chris Wethington, bassist Garrett Harper (both of Softspoken), and drummer Cody Frain (of A Scent Like Wolves). On this heavy, yet incredibly moving EP, The Difference Between embrace their lofty goals for their aggressive sound, and utilize their past projects into a crowd-pleasing musical package on these three songs.

Kicking off the set with the visceral “Detach,” Roberts switches from screamed to clean vocals at the drop of a hat to make for an incredible wall of sound. This tends to work best on the chorus as the screams are well-blended with the clean vocals to make for a less abrasive listening experience. It’s a great way to re-introduce their musical talents to the world, and drummer Cody Frain continues to ramp up his percussion prowess with complex beats and fills.

The short second track, “Avail” relies more on atmospheric sounds to build up to the single “Envenom,” which after hearing it, makes it abundantly clear why their label chose to re-introduce these musicians with this great song. The stellar single, that is in the same realm of great post-hardcore bands like Underoath, Thrice, and Saosin, leaves the listener wanting more from this dynamic band called The Difference Between. One can only hope they use this newfound momentum going in their favor to continue to release music in the very near future.