Twenty One Pilots
Jumpsuit/Nico and the Niners

Twenty One Pilots - Trench

After months of teasing brief, unexplainable, clues about when new music would be coming from the ultra-popular group, Twenty One Pilots just casually dropped two great songs in “Jumpsuit” and “Nico and the Niners.” These two blazing tracks come from the upcoming album, entitled Trench, due out on October 5th.

Starting with the lead single, “Jumpsuit,” this dynamic duo have evolved their sound a bit from the multi-platinum certified Blurryface LP, while still keeping the core elements of what makes them who they are on this song. The song starts off with a faint alarm sound, and the trademark drumming of Josh Dun, signaling a call to arms as Tyler Joseph sings, “I can’t believe how much I hate/Pressures of a new place for my weight/Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me.” It’s almost as if the two artists know just how much pressure is on them to produce a significant work of art for the rabid fan-base that has been clamoring for a taste of what they had cooked up in the studio.

Rewind about a year ago, when the Suicide Squad soundtrack was released and headlined in part with the incredibly dark tones of the Pilots’ song, “Heathens.” Now hearing what direction they have gone on “Jumpsuit,” it’s almost as if they were vindicated by the success of the darker single released last summer and plan to continue these vibes on their lead single for their all-too-important third record which should further solidify their A-lister status.

On the B-side (of a digital-only single, at the moment), we get “Nico and the Niners.” Tyler Joseph continues to paint with darker brushes while the atmosphere created around the beats, guitars, and sounds fill in the space surrounding this darkness with a brooding confidence. Joseph continues to chant about “East is up,” and if Joseph and Dun feel immense pressure on this upcoming album, they can breathe a short sigh of relief knowing that their fans will quickly consume these two tracks over and over again until the next teaser drops on social media.

Welcome back, Twenty One Pilots, we’re all glad you’re here.