We Might Be Alright

On the debut EP from Waxflower called We Might Be Alright, they strike a nice mix of paying direct homage to emo heavyweights like Jimmy Eat World, Saves the Day, and The Maine while bringing their own unique package of vibrant guitar hooks and soaring melodies. What the band does well on this record is to re-package tried and true pop elements into refreshing new guitar-driven songs that are structured around the band’s strengths. While the music doesn’t stray too far away from their direct influences, there is plenty of ear candy to enjoy on this debut.

The EP opens with a song about picking up the pieces of heartache and putting yourself back together, called “Again.” The opening lyrics of, “Sometimes in my head / I dream back to back vignettes / Of me in my death bed / I know you don’t care / My skin has changed from blue to red / I’m taking my first breath / As she sings” paint a picture of a person looking for reasons to look forward to a better future. The great opener features some guest vocals from Caitlin Henry (Eat Your Heart Out) that lets the song hit its intended, lofty expectations.

”Not Alone” follows the opening single with a song structure that’s similar to many popular emo bands, and it makes for an enjoyable listening experience. The introspective lyrics on the chorus of, “I don’t think you know that you’re not alone / Cut into the skin, carve into the bone / I don’t wanna take up another headstone / Cope until the day that you’re not alone,” speak directly to the person to not give up on hope that things can get better. The bridge includes a great guitar solo and showcases what Waxflower is capable of when they experiment with alternative rock elements to bring out the best in their band.

Other songs like, “Food For Your Garden” and “Fake Frown” continue with the themes of helping out the people in our lives who need it the most, and the band tries new musical elements to keep the songs feeling familiar, yet unique to this band. On the former track, the front-man for Waxflower describes being an afterthought in a relationship as the song opens with, “You’ve got me looking in the rear-view mirror / Cause I still get the feeling that you might be here / Start to panic and I drive too fast / And you can watch me flying off the overpass / ‘You and me against the world’ she said / You and me we may as well be dead.” What the band does well on this particular song is not the heaviness of the lyrical material outweigh the shine coming through the speakers of uplifting guitars to focus on the silver linings and overall theme of the entire album.

The EP closes with the title track and further solidifies the themes of looking forward to better days ahead, mending broken hearts, and still staying true to who we are as people. The guitar tones on the closer are really well-managed by producer Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly) and the mix coming through the speakers is an endearing product. While Waxflower doesn’t reinvent the wheel of pop-rock and emo, they are more than capable of hanging in the same conversation of new bands ready for their moment to break through. With a collection of cleverly constructed songs on We Might Be Alright, its hard to not believe them as they use their EP title as a mantra of looking ahead.