Sponsor: Isaiah Dominguez Releases New Album ‘Holy Ghost’

Isaiah Dominguez

With Holy Ghost, Isaiah Dominguez has taken personal experiences and packaged them in a way that seem strangely familiar. There is a familiar comfort in his choruses and a vague recollection of memories that align with his lyrics. Dominguez has markedly set himself apart from his past with this collection of songs and created a sound uniquely his own. His blend of nostalgic 80’s rock and contemporary alternative marry perfectly with his independent, solo-songwriter style. The record starts strong with a fist-pumping pop-rock staple and doesn’t let up until the last note rings. If you’re looking for an album that is equal parts “windows down, road trip” and “nostalgia inducing introspection,” Holy Ghost is an absolute gem to add to your playlist.

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Record: Holy Ghost
Label: Evergreen Noise
Record Release Date: 06/28/2019
Engineered by: Isaiah Dominguez
Mixed by: Rian Dawson
Mastered by: Grant Berry

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