Sponsor: Isaiah Dominguez Releases New Single “Used to Be”

Isaiah Dominguez

Today sees the release of Isaiah Dominguez’s new single “Used to Be.” The song comes from the upcoming album, Holy Ghost, due out June 28th via Evergreen Noise Records.

“Used To Be” is a marriage of dynamics and lyrical depth. While the choruses soar in a major key and echo a familiar sentiment, the verses reveal a darker, more introspective message. While the general structure and lyrics can be attributed to the growth of Isaiah Dominguez as a songwriter, the song really took flight with the production of Rian Dawson (All Time Low, Track Happy Studios) and the guest vocals of Dan Swank (Egocheck). Together, they created a deceptively catchy single, anchored by a “call and response” that is reminiscent of emo/pop-punk bands in the early aughts. Isaiah has always prided himself on being open and honest in his lyrics, but this song seems even more vulnerable than before. This combination paves the way for an edgier take on the “singer/songwriter” genre. The result is a tune you’ll want to crank the volume and roll down the windows for.

The song is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play.


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