Sponsor: Mordialloc Ducks Baseball Club Release New Caps


This week’s sponsor is near and dear to my heart.

Let me introduce you to the Mordialloc Ducks Baseball Club from Australia and the two new baseball caps that are now up for sale. And, to learn even more about them, here’s an introduction in their own words:

We’re the Mordialloc Ducks Baseball Club, the Little Baseball Club That Could. Based in the South-East suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, we’re a small amateur not-for-profit baseball club that focuses on growing baseball through socially enjoyable games rather than highly-competitive coaching. Half of our players had never played baseball before, but they’ve fallen in love with it.

Because we are the Little Baseball Club That Could, we sometimes do fun and audacious things that usually only the big clubs do, like creating highlight videos and designing New Era caps. We’ve had two 59FIFTY caps created, one with our on-field cap logo, and the other celebrating our mascot Quack Daniels, which we are selling through our website.

The team was founded in 2018 by a longtime AbsolutePunk and Chorus reader, and if you’d like to know more, you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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