Sponsor: My Thanks to Chase Tremaine

Chase Tremaine

Chase Tremaine has sponsored the website multiple times now and one of the reasons is because he’s been a longtime member of the community and really gets what we’re all about and what kind of music our readers are into. Which is why you should check out his new debut solo album, Unfall. The album is streaming everywhere now (and also available on CD, following a successful Kickstarter thanks in part to Chorus.fm users), featuring ten songs of emo lyrics, math rock guitar riffs, boy band harmonies, and indie-pop textures.

Working with producer Empty Isles (Tooth & Nail Records), Chase sought after the balance of emo-pop and modern rock perfected by artists like Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, and The Academy Is…, resulting in tracks ranging from the Copeland-like “Worth the Wait” to the Thrice-influenced new single “Honest Tree.” With hopes that this album will not just spotlight himself but also contribute to the growth of his local emo/pop-punk scene, Chase would love to hear from fellow lovers and makers of modern emo music. Email music@chasetremaine.com to discuss collaborating, writing about your music on his website, or purchasing a physical copy of Unfall.

Listen to the album now on all streaming platforms.