Sponsor: My Thanks to the ‘Who Will Survive’ Book


My thanks to this week’s sponsor, Chris Vuoncino, who just released the new book, Who Will Survive. The hook for this novel is that it’s inspired by the music of Murder by Death and it’s now available for purchase in paperback and for the Kindle via Amazon.

The blurb for the book reads:

It’s late in the night at Bart’s Saloon, a seedy hangout on the outskirts of small town. The drinks are flowing, patrons are laughing and the Devil himself is at the center of attention. The night seems set to end without conflict until three gun shots ring out and leave the Devil a bloody mess, just a few steps from making his exit. Jack didn’t know he would be pulling the trigger when he entered the bar that night, but he felt justified in his actions as he made his way out the back door of Bart’s. What Jack could not have known, is that the Devil’s idea of revenge is far deeper, far crueler and more far fetched that anything he could imagine. One man’s actions will reverberate throughout a seemingly innocent town and everyone will be forced to fight off their demons, those which haunt them internally as well as externally.

The author received the blessing of the band in creating and publishing this story.

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