Sponsor: sleepingbagzzz Release New Song “Hypnotized”

sleepingbagzzz has released the new song “Hypnotized.”

sleepingbagzzz is the new solo music project from a username you may recognize from around the forums, RileyWitiw, and straddles new-age pop punk (Blackbear, KennyHoopla, and Waterparks) and classic emo and indie rock bangers (Mayday Parade, Chain Gang of 1974). The mission? Keep it anthem-worthy and irresistibly catchy, even while experimenting with the wild and wonderful. In describing the new single, the artist said:

My debut single, “Hypnotized,” explores life as a digital guinea pig, subjected to the whim’s of brilliant minds who put all their focus in keeping us on their apps for even a second longer, regardless of the human cost of what that might be. – Overall, sleepingbagzzz personifies the fatigue that comes from growing up as a digital native. W\’re the first to wrestle with the perpetual onslaught of constant comparison, digital manipulation, and instant gratification – a reality as relentless as it is exhausting.

The song is now available on all streaming platforms.

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