Sponsor: Two Birds Working on Full Length, Want You to Listen to Their EP

Two Birds

Two Birds are a new band from Pittsburgh, PA that released their debut EP, The Great American Northeast, earlier this year. You can check it out right now on Bandcamp.

Two Birds debuted this EP to the world before ever playing a show. “It was sort of a surprise to everyone when we released that EP.” says band member Dan Garrighan. “Not that we really set out to do that from the start it just kind of happened. Nonetheless, it was really cool seeing such a positive response, especially bottling it all up into one afternoon. One night this band didn’t exist to anyone but the four of us, the next afternoon you could purchase our EP, watch live in-studio videos, buy merchandise, all that jazz. I really don’t see many bands coming to fruition like that. It is more of a slow process typically. I guess this project was just a little more personal for us; we really wanted to have our bases covered before introducing anyone to it.”

There’s a little more from the band on their process, and the new full length they’re working on, below, but really you should just go give the songs a listen!

Two Birds wrote, produced, engineered and recorded their EP themselves with singer/guitarist Paul Menotiades manning the boards. They’ll continue that formula for the follow up full-length. “We chose to do the follow up full length in the same fashion,” says Garrighan. “I’m not sure how long we will do our records in this whole ultimate DYI recording process but it just works for us now. It feels right and we really have the time we need to put into the songs; including demoing and rewrites. It allows it to be more personal rather than spitting out a record you wrote in a few weeks during a time you have scheduled in a studio. Things happen in the studio, ideas change, things don’t come out the way you envisioned, things are scrapped, others are brought to life; it’s nice to have time to react to those variables. We put a lot of eggs in sending out the record for final mixing/mastering which is great when you have a home studio. You get a fresh set of ears on it especially when you are working with someone you trust. We worked with Marc McClusky on the EP and [we are] going to keep with that formula. He was really the only outsider involved in the songs.”

Two Birds can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, and their own website.

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