Review: Amarionette – Gemini

On the latest full-length effort from funk rockers, Amarionette, they are able to hone in on their strengths and deliver another solid album entitled Gemini. They last made a worthwhile appearance on 2020’s Sunset On This Generation which was a nice mix of frenetic punk rock paired with slick pop-based hooks. Amarionette continue to explore a similar path on Gemini, while still leaving room for some experimentation. The Las Vegas-based band do their best to keep things interesting on this collection of 12 cohesive songs that are sure to make you believers in their brand of rock.

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Amarionette – “Rescue Me” (Video Premiere)


Today I’m beyond thrilled to share the latest music video from alternative rockers Amarionette for their single “Rescue Me.” On this great new track, the second single in total from their upcoming full-length record that will be released later this year, Amarionette channel the best parts of the power-pop genre with heartfelt vocals and their trademark breakneck hooks. With so much positive momentum going their way since the release of their 2020 album, Sunset On This Generation, this band appears poised to continue their incredible artistic trajectory.

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Review: Amarionette – Sunset On This Generation

Amarionette - Sunset On This Generation

Every once in a while you come across a band whose evolution takes you by surprise. When I last sat down to write about their EP called Evolution, I could tell that the band were at the cusp of greatness. On their third full-length album, Sunset on this Generation, Amarionette have achieved a stunning accomplishment by releasing their most fully-rounded record to date. The Las Vegas, Nevada quartet is comprised of the charismatic vocalist Issy Berry, guitarist Nick Raya, bassist Ron Wells, and drummer Joseph Arrington, and the band turned to producer Brandon Jones to round out their vision for this record. With a sound reminiscent of scene staples such as Anberlin, Sleeping With Sirens, and Mayday Parade, Amarionette are ready for their moment in the limelight on this LP.

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Review: Amarionette – Evolution

Amarionette - Evolution

The latest EP from Las Vegas-quintet Amarionette marks the next logical step in their unique pop-rock sound in an album that they have titled Evolution. The record is filled with shiny pop harmonies, pounding drums, and plenty of bright-colored synths to round out their repertoire. Led by the first single, “No Control,” Amarionette are taking full advantage of their turn in the limelight with a self-released record worthy of more exposure in 2019.

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