Review: Barely Civil – I’ll Figure This Out

Barely Civil - I'll Figure This Out

Barely Civil would be hard-pressed to find a more aptly titled moniker for their sophomore record as they explore the quest of discovering what it means to let go of the parts of themselves that no longer fit and move forward in this crazy thing called life. I’ll Figure This Out in many ways is an investigation into what it means to belong to something bigger than yourself, and finding ways to cope with both the good and bad that comes up. The album was produced by Chris Teti (TWIABP, Fiddlehead), and he does a masterful job of getting the best out of the band. The record’s highs seem bigger and brighter, whereas the lows of the LP hit home harder and have a lasting impact on the listener. The Wisconsin-based band have created a record that comes at a perfect time, as it will likely carry us through the uncertain fall and winter seasons as we say goodbye to this abysmal year.

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