Barely Civil
“Coasting, Mostly”

The start of a new album cycle is always a thrilling process. Barely Civil have kicked things off on the right foot with their newest single, “Coasting, Mostly” that has a punk rock spirit, and highlights a more emotive side of the band. While their last record, I’ll Figure This Out, focused largely on the soft/loud dynamic in their sound that became popular during the emo boom of the 00’s, the latest single found here reignites the passion for this scene of music.

The opening lyrics by lead vocalist Connor Erickson of “You feel so small / It almost feels like you’re not there at all / In a crowded cage, where bigger men are dying everyday / And if I could take the place of every asshole in this state,” are filled with utmost passion and signal a band willing to explore the depths of their sound. The song, and the upcoming album, were produced and mixed by Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios, and mixed by Kris Crummet. The future continues to be blindingly bright for Barely Civil.