Between The Echoes – “Night Diving (Reimagined)” (Song Premiere)

Between The Echoes

Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone the latest single from Between The Echoes called “Night Diving (Reimagined)” On this Thrice cover, Between The Echoes do the original song justice by adding their unique take on the instrumental song by adding their own vocals and personality directly back into the music. Katie Jean (vocals) shared:

As a band, we are huge fans of Thrice and their instrumental version of ‘Night Diving.’ We thought it would be an incredible opportunity to take a song we loved so dearly and reimagine it with not only vocals, but also through lots of added ear candy sprinkled about. Not only lyrically but also musically, it was very important to us that we pay homage to Thrice’s Alchemy Index and simply add our magical touch to the song!

Between The Echoes are onto something truly magical here.

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Review: Between The Echoes – Awake While Dreaming

When I last sat down to write about Between the Echoes, it was for their single “Phantom Limb” that featured Anberlin’s Stephen Christian on guest vocals. The band has since released their debut full-length record called Awake While Dreaming. The album features several twists and turns, much like navigating your way out of a labyrinth, and their ability to tell a story from beginning to end is rarely seen this vividly on a first album. Over the 14-track LP, that also includes three interludes to break up the sections of the album, Between the Echoes take the listener on a cryptic journey of self-discovery that is filled with plenty of youthful exuberance.

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Review: Between The Echoes – “Phantom Limb”

Every now and then you come across a band or a song that makes you feel fortunate to be a music writer. This feeling come in strongly with Between The Echoes and their new single entitled “Phantom Limb.” The track even features some guest vocals from Anberlin’s Stephen Christian towards the end of the song to add to the layers of complexity and conflict within the song’s lyrics. The band is comprised of Chad William, Katie Jean, Marvin Albert, and their unique band chemistry pays off majorly with a crisp pop-punk delivery. With a sound that drifts somewhere between the darkest parts of Finch, paired with the pop sensibilities of Broadside, Between The Echoes are well on their way to making the best use of their moment.

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