Chris Garneau – “Millions” (Song Premiere)

Chris Garneau

Today is a great day to share the new single from Chris Garneau called “Millions.” On this collaborative song with Garneau’s boyfriend, Marc Briz, a lyricist/fiction writer, Garneau channels the love they share into a vibrant single. Co-produced by Garneau and Dan Marcellus, “Millions” takes the listener on an enjoyable and thrilling ride. The song comes from Garneau’s new EP, Out of Love, that will be out everywhere is sold on December 8th. I was also able to catch up with Chris Garneau for a brief interview below.

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Chris Garneau – “Overexposure” (Song Premiere)

Chris Garneau

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest single from Chris Garneau called “Overexposure.” The track was co-produced by Benoit Bel (Kate Nash, Will Oldham, Bjork) and focuses on the vulnerability felt after a break-up. On the single, Garneau shared:

This song is about the absence of a lover, the pain of separation, and how a break-up can haunt the heart over the years. I wanted to capture a narrator who longs for a past that glimmered with hope and affection. His desire to ‘go back to that feeling’ is a wish to return to his faith in love and to abandon the regret and despair that now washes over him. Like a haunting spell, the repetitive, circular motion of the melody reflects a sense of overexposing yourself to loss. These thoughts can inundate and torture a person’s mind and take over. This state of entrapment makes me think of someone who continues to press down on a bruise and prevent it from healing.

If you’re ready to get hurt, and fall in love all over again with Chris Garneau, you’ve come to the right place.

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Chris Garneau – “Ballard” (Song Premiere)

Chris Garneau

Today I’m excited to share the latest single from singer-songwriter Chris Garneau called “Ballard.” The track is the first song to be released from his upcoming EP, that will be released this Fall, and reminds me of a bit of the style of Rostam paired with the flamboyance of Adam Lambert. Garneau had this to say about the inspiration behind the new song:

I wrote this song after a vivid dream I had last summer where I met and fell in love with a vampire. We agreed he could drink the blood from my neck, turning me, but two days later he disappeared. I never saw him again, not in my dreams not in real life. Even though it all happened while I was sleeping it stuck with me for a while, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for months until I finally wrote the song to get it out. I felt like I was hallucinating sometimes, like that it really happened. It was bizarre. Sort of hot, kinda fun, but also felt fucked up. Ultimately I was relieved to let go of the feeling.

If you’re enjoying the direction that Garneau took on the first single from his upcoming EP, you can purchase the song starting tomorrow here.

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