Chris Garneau – “Overexposure” (Song Premiere)

Chris Garneau

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest single from Chris Garneau called “Overexposure.” The track was co-produced by Benoit Bel (Kate Nash, Will Oldham, Bjork) and focuses on the vulnerability felt after a break-up. On the single, Garneau shared:

This song is about the absence of a lover, the pain of separation, and how a break-up can haunt the heart over the years. I wanted to capture a narrator who longs for a past that glimmered with hope and affection. His desire to ‘go back to that feeling’ is a wish to return to his faith in love and to abandon the regret and despair that now washes over him. Like a haunting spell, the repetitive, circular motion of the melody reflects a sense of overexposing yourself to loss. These thoughts can inundate and torture a person’s mind and take over. This state of entrapment makes me think of someone who continues to press down on a bruise and prevent it from healing.

If you’re ready to get hurt, and fall in love all over again with Chris Garneau, you’ve come to the right place.